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GAME TWO: Kris Letang. PENS WIN.


The best YouTube in the world today:
That's the Post-Gazette's Ray Fittipaldo getting Sutton'd.
We first saw this at Metz's FROM THE POINT.


For most of the game, it looked like the tagline of the next "History Will Be Made" video was going to be, "What if Kris Letang could hit the net?"
But that's the fun part of the NHL playoffs.
Just when you start to job someone, they shut you up.
And you welcome the message to shut up with open arms.
Gotta make that save.
We saw the shot.  And we're experts.
MAF gets a solid game under his belt. Still looked shaky.
If there's one thing we won't miss about Mellon Arena is the "Oh Shit" feeling that was prevalent throughout the entirety of the second and third periods; Hell, the whole game.
William Regal's early goal was like getting kicked in the nuts.
But it happened way too early.
The Pens now head to Ottawa for Games Three and Four.
Pens won 22 games on the road during the season, 2nd-best in the East.
The Sens were 26-11-4 in their barn during the season.
That's one regulation loss every 2.7 games.
If it wasn't simple division, we wouldn't have wasted our time.
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Russ Muffin — Daniel S.
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H/T: RussMuffin
Valiant effort on the Fleury chant.

We're can't recap the first period. 'Cause we didn't see it.
We were either at work, or the power was out.
However, having power would have meant missing out on being part of a bunch of people in the neighborhood huddled around a battery-operated radio that some dude had in his driveway. With about 5 minutes left in the period, we were told the neighborhood got its power back. But no one budged from that driveway till the end of the period. Only playoff hockey makes that possible.
But anyway William Regal came out and Abdelkader'd Fleury. 1-0.
The only time a goal like that is important is when it sparks a complete blowout.
We're not idiots. We know the first goal in a hockey game is huge, especially that early.
But did the goal tempt Ottawa to relax a little bit for the rest of the game? Who knows.
We're just typing shit to type it.  No clue what we're talking about.
Halfway through the period-ish, Kunitz got pushed to the outside and simply shot it on net.
Crosby was where he was supposed to be and puts home the rebound. 1-1.
And then this happened:
Leo had his head down. Sutton hit him.
The impact resulted in Sutton leaving his feet.
We all remember the Dupuis hit.
The boos rained down on Sutton for the rest of the game.
We have our first true villain of the series.
A bunch of people e-mailed this.  And it's all over Twitter.
No clue who the credit goes.
And then this happened:
Crosby gets probably the best scoring chance of the period in the first minute.
Some backhand coming from behind the net. No dice.
What followed was about 10 minutes of restless times.
Crowd didn't know what to do.
Kunitz wakes shit up by hitting Chris Phillips while following a dump-in.
Talbot and Ruutu go off for jobbing.
Then Malkin tried to squeak past Sutton along the boards.
Sutton just didn't want to let go. Penalty. 4-on-3 PP for like 40 seconds.
Pens were able to set up shop and get a couple chances. Not sure if they even hit the net.
Then it turned into a 5-on-4.
Nothing doing. Nothing new.
Later, Cooke was going to the box.
Pens get a huge kill.
Pens dictated the rest of the period.
But the 10-foot circle surrounding Bill Elliott's net was being protected by Ben's bodyguards.

Ruutu tries to buy some call.
Early in the third, the Pens were buzzing.
Jordan Staal makes a slick play off a faceoff and gets in Elliott's face.
All that shit resulted in the Pens getting a PP.
The first minute was shit. Second minute was worse.
Sens kill another one.
The Sens were coming hard after that.
And then…a sign.
Sens shoot it on net. Millions of bodies in front of Fleury.
You see a puck gliding innocently into the net.
Crosby flies in and gets that shit out of there.
Talbot gets a solid chance off a turnover. Shoots into Elliott's chest.
The game snuck under 5 minutes.
Oh Jesus.
And then it happened.
Crosby skates for half a mile behind the net, holding the puck for about 11 seconds.
Dragging Jason Spezza along like an idiot.
Give credit to Speeza. Stayed with Sid step for step and didn't take a penalty.
But he's still an idiot.
Finally Sid had enough. And he pushes it out to Letang at the point.
He doesn't one-time it, you get pissed.
Then Letang cradles it, stops, and lets loose with a shot. askldfgdfgdfg 2-1.
Survivor mode the rest of the way.
Sens pull Elliott.

What the blogs are saying:
"The only thing wrong with Andy's anihilation of Leopold? Should have been you, Geno." [ Five For Smiting ]
All the other blogs were apparently doing something else on Friday night. Losers.
Ottawa ready for Charlie's arrival.
Melissa got her tickets for Game Three:
go pens