GAME THREE: Showing Their Expertise. PENS WIN.


We're not condescending assholes by any stretch of the imagination.
But you just can't get too high or too low in the playoffs.
It's been flat-out entertaining listening to voices on sports-talk shows saying that the Pens will now be running away with this series, that this series ends on Thursday night, etc.
Four days ago, these people were vomiting all over themselves.
Now they're walking around like the Pens are world-beaters.
The energy from the home crowd hurt the Sens more than it helped them. The first two games of this series, they played a simple road game, maintained the "us against the world" mentality, and they almost escaped Pittsburgh with two wins.
That home-crowd energy got the best of them in Game Three, but the Senators are a professional-hockey team with a solid brain trust of coaching that goes beyond Cory Clouston. The play that turned this game on its head was the Senators letting Bill Guerin hang out on the other side of center-red. The goal made it 4-1, and the Sens started jobbing people afterward, knowing the game was over. It's a simple defensive lapse that will be replayed over and over in the film room for the players. Without the goal, the final minutes of this game would've taken on an entirely different intensity, with the Sens only being down by one goal.
Game Four is going to be a dogfight. Pens will be ready for it.
The way the Sens played in Games One and Two wasn't a fluke.
But they are still jokes.
Moreover, with Game Three, this playoff series has become a hate fest.
We hate the Senators. We hate the entire city of Ottawa. We hate the Ottawa media.
When Crosby comes out for the three stars, we wish he would throw a grenade into the stands.
Not like it would affect anyone, since they were sent to the gates early in the third.
What the hell is even going on here?

One reason we are glad Andy Sutton wasn't suspended is because it is almost better keeping him in there so Geno and Bing can turn him into a street sign. Sutton was smoked for two goals by the Mega Powers.

On the other side, Sutton started the Butterfly Effect with his hit on Leopold.
With Leo out, Jay McKee stepped in and played a great game.
He laid his life on the line like nine times. Jay McKee is built for the playoffs.
Now the Pens have a pivotal game on Tuesday.
A win puts the Sens down 3-1.
With a casket match set for Game Five in the Mellon.
Oh man.
After the jump, a recap that has WAY too much shit in it.
Mr. McFeely rolls out for the national anthems.
nate k.
Carroll T.
Ponikarovsky settles the road nerves early.
He exhibits some patience, some Sens d-man goes sliding into the corner.
And Poni unleashes a wristshot.



Craig Adams looked like he was gonna go to the box when he jobs someone on an icing.
Pens catch a break.
Sens started catching their own breaks when two Sens high sticks go unnoticed.
But the breaks were done when Chris Neil takes a dumb penalty on Kennedy.
Pens PP was swimming early, but it eventually fell apart. Killed.
Sens had a chance to gain some momentum from the kill.
But they couldn't find room in the Pens' zone. At all.
If anything, the Sens were letting the emotion get the better of them.
They started throwing checks around.
And eventually Chris Campoli takes a stupid penalty.
Just rough times. Killed again. But shots were hitting the net. …
The period started flying toward the intermission.
The Sens realized they better show up or something and sustain pressure late.
Puck bounces in front. William Regal is there.
The puck squeaks through Fleury. Goal.
But as soon as the puck goes in and Scotiabank erupts, both Bob Errey's voice on the TV side and Phil Bourque's voice on the radio side find their way through the chaos.
A kicking motion was spotted.
The guy in Toronto who had the final say? He was an expert.
Best feeling in the world knowing that it isn't a goal.
Ottawa fans less than pleased.


William Regal sits on the bench like a moron.
No goal. Period.
Pens don't really dodge a bullet, since it was a kicking motion.
Puck shouldn't have been in the net anyway.
It's like saying you dodged a bullet 'cause a car that crashed in Arizona didn't hit your car.
Speaking of Errey
The amount of broken sticks has dramatically increased in the playoffs from the regular season.
Has anyone else noticed this? Bizarre.
picture 15
Thanks to everyone who sent this mistake city in.
Turns out that at the end of the first, Jordan Staal slashed Spezza.
But Chris Phillips chopped Staal's hands off.
Phillips was on the ice for the Sens PP to start the second.
Pens looks like they have it killed, but Mike Fisher scores a bullshit goal.
The goal gave the Senators a boost. They were everywhere. Things didn't look good.
But Malkin quiets the fears. He takes the puck in his own zone and makes a little move on Andy Sutton.
Talbot makes a subtle play to chip the puck back to Malkin.
The look on Craig Adams' face is why he survives in the playoffs.
After the Malkin goal, the hitting picks up.
Sid hits Alfredsson. Alfie looks around like a bitch.
Alfie disappears down the runway.
Chris Neil charges Malkin.  Have never seen a player take more charges than Neil.
If Chris Neil drove his car off a cliff tomorrow, we'd feel nothing.
The powerplay does crap. Killed.
William Regal goads Cooke into hitting from behind.
No idea why that pic reminds us of this:
Karlsson slashes Staal's stick in half. Not smart. Karlsson's an idiot.
Four on four.
The dust settles from all that, and it looked like it was gonna be 2-1 heading into the third.
But Crosby comes calling.
He works off Sutton in the corner and is allowed to cross in front of Elliott untouched. Top shelf. 3-1.



Suck it.
This goal could be one to look back on down the road.
picture 15
300 points if that's Talbot in the background.
Some parents named their newborn baby "Guerin."
Just hope 15 years from now, when little Guerin is discovering the Internet, he finds this photoshop.
For the record, Guerin is a bad-ass first name.
Also, we have to take care of something else.
The lady who knits during Pens games recently did a Q&A.
She was asked about being mentioned on this blog and had a message for some c-bloggers:

"I was informed the Pensblog featured me when another member of Ravelry pointed it out. I took a look at the website. I had no idea that so many people were upset that someone knits at a hockey game. Some of the comments were really offensive. I have to say that I felt very shocked at the outrage and rudeness of the posts. I’m watching the game, cheering for the Pens and knitting. I am not texting, talking on the phone, banging on the glass, being obnoxious, abusing other fans, shouting invectives at the players, blocking the view, getting up in the middle of play multiple times, or anything else that could possibly affect them or their game-watching pleasure. Several posters were pretty upset that I have the “nerve” to knit at the games and apparently my knitting really pisses some people off (their words). And these people are upset because I’m “being rude to the players/coaches” or “not respecting the game?”

"I almost let their attitude stop me from knitting at the game. And then Mike made me realize all the good about my knitting (especially the anger thing above and me being a lot easier to live with after a loss) so I’m saying “Ppppphhhfff” to all the knitting nay-sayers. I can only hope that they are able to gain an understanding of knitters, and that maybe they will be more respectful of fellow Penguins fans. After all, we’re all going after one of these again:"

Here's what we said about her back in November
On the Q&A link above, you'll see she's taken pictures with Lemieux, Mrs. Malkin, and the Cup.
Our own dads won't take pictures with us, so she wins.
Respect The Knit.
Mendesgate continues:
If it wasn't for the 140-character limit, a woo would've been in its proper place.
We've lived this third period a thousand times.
Just hold the line.
The Senators have a huge shift and look like they are about to score.
Alfie deflects some shot. The puck inches towards the goal line.
MAF pickle-stabs the shit out of it.
Huge moment.
Because before Jason Spezza can disappear again, Kunitz springs Bill Guerin on a breakaway.
Elliott phones home.
Guerin serves him some justice.
4-1. Big goal.
Out of nowhere, the first "jump out your seat and yell at the TV moment" happened when Rutuu started jobbing people. Eaton stepped in on Letang's behalf. Have to love Eaton basically laughing in Joko's face.
Ottawa was beginning to unravel. A sign that they are in trouble.
Kris Letang took two epic hits. But he got the puck out.
The entire Pens team was paying the price to make the little plays. It was poetry in motion.
A little bit later, if you forgot how much you hate Alfie, you remember.
He loses his cool and "skates" Orpik in the ribs when he was down.
Dirty, dirty play. Vintage Alfie.
We all remember this from the '07 Finals:
Orpik is so far inside Alfie's head, he should start charging Alfie an hourly rate.
On the ensuing powerplay, Trust Fund Coulston pays the ref off to call a penalty. They oblige.
Matt Cullen plays for the Senators? Had no clue. He scores some goal. 4-2.
The Pens respond with some pressure.
Orpik almost scored the biggest FU goal in the history of the NHL, but Elliot gets lucky.
Late in the game, William Regal takes a dive. and the refs call a penalty on Orpik.
Trust Fund calls a timeout. But Bylsma rallies the unit.
Jordan Staal was possessed. Pens hold the line.
Down here because it's like 3MB.
Caps fans representing at a Tea Party rally.
No clue how you've made it to the bottom of the post.
go pens