GAME THREE: For whom the Bell tolls. PENS WIN.

– Rachael M. –
There are two goalies in the world that have played on the NHL's grandest stage the last two years.
One is handing water bottles and towels to his teammates in Detroit.
The other one just ruined about 2 million French people's lives.
For those who know him best, and have followed his career, this was another big-money performance.
Montreal doesn't generate 45 shots.
Instead, they rely on a handful of quality chances to scratch across a goal or two.
Fleury stood tall for all of them. Except when he was doing splits to rob people.
He kept the Pens in it in the first.
He had to somehow remain focused during the second.
And he held the line in the third.

It was a beautiful thing. Disco came out and decided to beat the Habs at their own game.
He made a bet on his goalie. And we'll take Fleury over Halak every day of the week.
It was cute watching the Habs scurrying around in the third trying to generate offense, too.
It is almost ironic that along with Fleury, Evgeni Malkin was being jobbed by people.
Geno responded with his best all-around game of these playoffs.
He was everywhere.
That's why he was the second star behind MAF.
Gionta? Are you serious?
Hell, give the third star to Mark Eaton for repeatedly going back into his own zone to retrieve a puck all the while knowing he's gonna get railed.
Or even give it to Crosby.
He was solely responsible for putting the Pens on the game-winning PP.
Habs Eyes On The Balls wanted to chime in on that:
The thing about elite players is you have to commit penalties to stop them.
Hal Gill thought the puck was still in their skates and held onto Sid.
Mistake. Penalty. Game over.
Scary for Habs fans that Crosby still hasn't had his signature game of the series.
It's coming.
And now the Pens take the 2-1 series lead.
But the series is still anything but over.
John Holmes sized Game Four on the horizon.
Storm's coming Thursday, Jack.
Recap after the jump.
And Mike Cammalleri finds himself in another HWBM video, an Eric P. production.
anthem pic:
Villain from Under Seige 2 comes out to sing the anthems.
45 minutes later, the puck dropped.

Malkin starts the game. Good move by Byslma.
Boos rained down on Geno every time he touched the puck.

Put an extra bounce in his step.

Then Crosby touches the puck. Gets booed.

Habs looked hesitant in the early going.
Chalk that up to Jacques Martin's coaching.
He didn't want his players performing for the crowd.
But they just couldn't help themselves.
They catch the Pens off guard all period, flying around the ice.
They eventually draw a penalty and go on the PP.
Penguins running around on the PK. Killed.
MAF was a rock in the crease.
The crowd was insane.
OOHs and AAHs every time a Canadien passed it to a teammate.
Fans would start going nuts when Dominic Moore was leading a 2-on-3 rush up the ice for God's sakes.
Take it easy a little bit.

After that PK, it was looking like the Pens didn't have an answer for Martin's trap.
Bad times.

P.K. Slice started playing to the crowd.
He was delivering forearm shivers to people.

Same shit was going on for the rest of the period. Habs were everywhere.
But they get slowed down when Lapierre slewfoots MAF. Stupid play.
Killed anyway.
Getting out of the first period 0-0 was a minor victory. But it almost didn't happen.
Cameljoke makes some move on Eaton and gets lucky, as the pucks stays with him.
He walks in all alone on MAF.
Missed the net or hit the post. Either way it didn't go in.
Lapierre or some no-name hits the crossbar during a late frenzy, as well.
MAF was the star of the first. Because he had to be.
There was some scrum in front of the Pens net toward the end of the period.
Cameltoe had a look on his face that made you want to drive up to Montreal and piss on him.
shut up dick

During the intermission, Montreal realized they shouldn't run and gun with the Pens anymore.
No way Montreal could keep that pace up.

So pretty much the entire second period was littered with Habs icing calls as the Pens took advantage of the Habs going back into their shell.

Really interesting icing calls last night, coupled with some "gamesmanship" by the Habs to buy themselves time after each and every one of them — Plekanec miraculously found a piece of stick tape on the ice behind the Habs net right before a faceoff, and Soupcan pretty much played keepaway with the linesman who was trying to get the puck down to the other end of the ice. Embarrassing theatrics.

A lot of cycling for the Pens in the second. Hardly any shots, though.
Mark Letestu played his sac off. Just a really strong game.

Cooke had the best chance when some dude fell.
Cooke kept it simple on the breakway. Halak had the answer.

Later on, Malkin and Sid started seeing some time together.

Hal Gill starts laying the foundation for his eventual penalty call.

Marc-Andre Bergeron starts elbowing Cooke.
What the hell was he doing? Pens get the PP.
Killed, but Pens get some solid chances.

The Habs game plan was working out well:

At the other end of the ice, MAF was getting a chance to lose his focus on the game.
Didn't happen.
great pic

Gogo had a great chance at the end of the period on The Whitney Play™ backdoor.
Big save by Halak.
At the end of the period and at the end of a shift, Hal Gill had to hold up Sid. Penalty every day of the week.
The whole play was created by Dupuis. He just would not quit.

Shit gets crazy at the end of the period.
Halak robs Malkin. Malkin is beside himself.
Before the period, Bing and Malkin discuss the upcoming powerplay.
Whatever was said…

Boom. 1-0.
Huge goal.
Big play by Gonch to keep the puck in the zone.
He then makes a no-look pass right into Geno's wheelhouse.
Mostly Lorri M.'s show.
Brave soul.
Just as big as the goal were the shifts right after it.
Letestu flying. Geno flying.

The Habs realized they had to start playing.
But they ended up playing right into the Pens' hands.

Time was ticking away.

Habs get their two or three quality chances.
And MAF rose to the occasion.
With someone holding Candy in the corner, Jokionta makes a pass to Camel.
MAF comes out of nowhere.

Tick tick tick.
The crowd helps buy a tripping call on Leopold.
Habs get their own PP.

MAF City.  HUGE save on Plekanec. No way they were beating him.
Martin calls a timeout about midway through the powerplay. No clue why.

Soupcan starts trying to do everything by himself.

No real scoring chances.
Throughout the game, Pascal Dupuis had the puck on his tape two or three times with quality chances.
But he kept vomiting on himself.
So it was beautiful to see the number-9 sweater skate over center red and put it through the uprights.

2-0. Game.
Sharks go up 3-0 on Detroit.
Rafalski's defense on the game-winning 2-on-1 is an embarrassment to hockey.
So we're not posting the video.
– Theresa –
go pens