Game Seven Forever. PENS LOSE.
If we've come this far, we're more than willing to come a little further.
Washington. Wednesday night. Game 7.
A fitting end to the best playoff series the NHL has seen in years.
Two fanbases that hate each other.
Two organizations that hate each other.
Media members that hate each other.
All the history of jobbing each other.
All the animosity.
The fights in the stands. The stunned pics.
The photoshops. The diving signs.
The boos. The whoops.
The now-legal charging penalties.

Wednesday night, everyone associated with this series will all be in the same boat.
Get ready to be bombarded with talk that the Caps have the momentum,
that the Caps have already won a Game 7 this postseason.
If you think momentum carries into a Game 7, you are an idiot.
Game 7's stay with you forever.
Who even knows what's gonna happen at this point.

Thank God we're not actual journalists.
Because we just took a dump on our keyboard and walked away.
The skeletal remains of a recap await after the jump.
Your mind should already be consumed by Game 7.


we don't do anthems for home playoff losses.

it is too rough.
thanks to everyone who sent one in. shit.

When the camera panned to the opening faceoff, you saw Pierre McGuire lurking between the benches.
That wasn't a good sign right off the bat.

The Capitals were swarming.
It was the rare situation where the Pens were gonna have to weather a storm on home ice.

Brooks Laich missed a wide-open net.
That has nothing to do with luck. That is failure.

The Pens weathered what they had to and then started getting chances.
Really, their first quality chance was when Bing picked up a loose puck at center ice and cruised in into the Caps zone with a trail of charisma following.

He doesn't even look at Bill Guerin as he hits him right on the tape.
Varmalade was out to lunch. 1-0.

Ovechkin sinks the USS Hal Gill with a hit.
A) He leaves his feet.
B) Is in no position to backcheck, taking himself out of the play.

The Pens end up with a two-man advantage after some big-time jobs.
A Steckel divejob squashes it.
Ref had to call it there anyway.

Did the Capitals even got a shot off on their 1-minute powerplay?
Did they know their life was on the line?

The Pens were dictating the play for the remainder of the period.
Kunitz apparently trips Semin.
It would carry over to the second period.


The beginning of the second period, everything was dead.
Fans were jobbing some nachos.

The Pens killed the remainder of that penalty, bringing everyone back to life.
And then Boucher blocks a big-time shot.

There was just a lull there for a while.
The momentum was lingering.
Bing blocks a shot and goes out of commission.
The Caps take advantage. 1-1.

The Pens get caught with another too-many-men.
Unreal. Pens kill it off.
There was still a cloud hanging above the ice.
Caps were pretty much owning the period.

Play slowed down for a while.
Semin comes out of nowhere with a semi-breakaway, gets jobbed.
Probably would have been a penalty shot.
Caps put home some trash on the delayed penalty. 2-1.

The cloud that hung over the second period finally lifted.
Staal draws a penalty going to the net.

Cue Mark Eaton. 2-2.
One of the worst periods of the playoffs for the Pens, and they get out even.


The third period was gonna be a mini Game 7.
Caps break Eaton's stick. Pens jump on the PP.
Kris Letang one-times a loose puck past Varmalade. 3-2.

Everything was great. 15 and some change left in the game.
Then Orpik jobs Semin. Semin puts one in. 3-3.

29 seconds later, it was in again. 4-3.

We were gonna see how badly the Pens wanted to end it.
And they started coming.
After an icing with 9:10 left, Boudreau calls timeout. Big-time move.

The Pens weren't sitting back. They were coming with everything.

Tick tick tick. 5 and change left.
Crosby just was not going to be denied. 4-4.

At the end, some moron hacks Kunitz's stick out of his hands.
It will be called every time a ref sees it.

Pens couldn't convert. Jesus.


Both teams looked dead immediately in OT.
The Caps looked less dead 'cause all their shit was on the line.

Off some crap faceoff, Talbot breaks his stick.
Floater from the point. Deflected in. Game. Stunned.