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The plan after Game Two, for us anyway, was to get the split in Montreal.
That's been accomplished.
The Penguins didn't particularly play a great game in Game Three. They won.
The Habs returned the favor in Game Four.
Looking anymore into this is a fool's errand.
The scene now shifts to Saturday night and what could be the last game ever played at the Mellon Arena.
Until then, just avoid all media.
You'll be subject to hearing people say Gonchar is tanking, that Fleury sucks, that Kris Letang kicked a puck in, etc.
Don't do that to yourself.
All we can say is act like you've lost a playoff game before. Don't embarrass yourself.
The last time the Pens played against a structured system like this, it was against Detroit.
It was easy to respect the Wings, though, because they actually have talent.
The Wings held Crosby in check for only so long.
Until he put home the go-ahead goal in Game Four.
As the old adage goes:
Great players aren't always great. They're just great when they have to be.

At least act like you deserved to win the game.
The over-the-top celebration by the players says a lot.
Jordan Staal takes the ice. Heroic effort.
Makes you think twice about calling off work for the next year.
But the Pens start out pretty rough. Habs came out flying.
Pyatt Earp throws a bullshit puck at the net.

Later, Subban dives to try and buy a call.
But he embarrasses himself.
At least he didn't step on anyone's foot.
Talbot takes the puck the other way.
He gets better as the beard grows.

Dupuis gets jobbed by Gill. PP.
The Pens first wave couldn't get anything done.
The second wave generated a goal.
Toronto makes their easiest decision of the playoffs.
Probably just called to make fun of Habs fans.

Pens kept coming after that.
Crosby had a chance all alone. Gets mugged.
Somewhere in there, Malkin has a chance and picks Soupcan's pocket right in front of Halak.
Big save.

Then the Pens had an unreal forecheck. They were able to make a wholesale change while sustaining it.
Some of the best hockey of the playoffs during that stretch. About 10 minutes with no whistle.

The first period was littered with plays that Habs fans saw as penalties.

Honestly, it was just extremely moronic.
Everything looked good to us, penalty-wise.
Except for Gogo late in the third period. No clue how that wasn't called.
Good job by the refs in both games in Montreal for not letting the crowd dicate the officiating.

The Habs started showing up at the end of the period.
A couple of shots, but nothing crazy.

At the very end of the first, Hal Gill slashes Crosby's stick and breaks it.
Can't do that. Dumb play. Penalty every day of the week.

Pens start the second period on the powerplay.
No dice. No dice. No dice.
Habs fan continued to grow more incredulous every a Penguin was near a Canadien player.
Some guy in the stands actually stood up and looked around for a call when a Montreal player lost an edge.

Best chance for the Pens saw Kris Letang with a wide-open net off a Letestu rebound.
Hamrlik gets over just in time to handcuff Letang.
They way Halak has been, he would've save it anyway.

The Habs were still trying to score, though, in the second.

Actually, it was just Cammalleri.
Every other Canadien was just dumping it in and hoping to get it.

Excellent puck support by the Pens in their own zone.
Best we've seen all season.
Eaton delivered a clothesline to some idiot.
The play looked weird.
No clue what Habs fans thought the actual call would have been.
Mark Letestu continued his romp on the world in the second.
Looks confident, making smart and creative plays.

Habs fans were out of control.
Basic hockey plays were being questioned.
Just surreal.

Finally, Malkin goes to the box for calling Halak a fag.
The Habs jump on the PP.
Pens kill it beautifully. Staal in your mouth.
Malkin came out of the box like a bat out of hell.

Pens started keying on Subban and forced another turnover from that stain.
Malkin and Crosby everywhere.

Just needed that third goal…
Without that third goal, it was imperative to at least get out of the second up 2-1.
And they did.

Pins and needles going into the third.
In a Rossi article, the Pens talked about the atmosphere Montreal fans create. [ joke ]
"The hits always seem bigger and a shot from the point seems like it's a breakaway," Crosby said.
"As long as you're aware of that and you're able to separate that, you're fine."
"They get the puck in a 1-on-3 in the neutral zone and the crowd's going crazy," Cooke said.
"Sometimes, it seems worse than it actually is."
"You can't really laugh," Letang said. "When you're in the game, you feel a lot worse. You think they're attacking with three and you've only got one guy. You get nervous about that. That's what the building brings. They're really loud and they make us feel like we're in trouble all the time."
If the Pens were smart, they should take their whiteout to a whole nother level for Game 5.
Just hand out coke at the gates.
Third period started like there wasn't even an intermission.
Habs needed a goal. And fast.
And they got it. Lapierre on a wraparound.
2-2. "Vertigo" apparently is the goal song in the Bell Centre.
Threw the Pens off their game.
Just like that, the Habs were alive and well.
The crowd was going ballistic.
But, still, no one saw it coming:
It is amazing how things can turn on a sac in the a split second.
Talbot gets jobbed. Habs head the other way.
They get another one of their (in)famous bounces.

Then Matt Cooke heads to the box for tripping.
Gionta kills it by boarding Orpik.

Pens were sniffing on the powerplay.

Then amidst a Habs flurry, they decide to put the Pens on the PP again.
The fans start throwing shit on the ice. Wow.

The Habs kill the penalty. But not before Bing has an unreal chance.
Wish we knew why this guy needs a headset.
Probably just a cassette tape on loop reminding him his life is a mess.

Pens dug in for their final push.

Before we can see a replay of the earlier Bing chance, Geno gets a chance all alone at the end of a shift.
Tired as balls.
You stand up and affectionately say, "Bury it, you son of a bitch."
Halak just refused to give up another goal.
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