He apparently didn't foresee the embarrassing delay-of-game penalty
that he committed in the third period of Game Five that crushed his team's momentum.
Kudos to Pens fans in Pittsburgh.
Radio stations all across the dial want Pens fans to call in to complain about Crosby not scoring.
And no one is taking the bait.  It's beautiful.
We'll jump on the "Where's Crosby?" train if he lets his team lose a 7-game series without scoring a goal.
He hasn't scored yet…because he hasn't had to score.
You ain't going 16-0 during the playoffs.
Besides, we didn't watch Game Five in order to see Sidney Crosby.
We tuned in to see a bunch of Penguin sweaters win a pivotal Game Five.
And they did.
It all started with Bylsma's decision to put Guerin and Rupp in the lineup, while scratching — let's face it — no-shows in Ruslan Fedotenko and Alexei Freeagent.
Where were Guerin and Rupp for the Pens' two goals?
On the ice.  In Halak's wife's ovaries.  Mike Rupp was a force.
And Mark Letestu is exactly what the Pens need on the fourth line.
Kris Letang rebounded from a "bad" game in Game Four.
Gonchar apparently isn't "tanking."
MAF is slowly taking over Halak in the goaltending battle.
Malkin is galloping.  Craig Adams is destroying people.
And you got to feel bad for the Habs.  Their coach won't let them play.
He waits until the third period to begin letting his forwards sustain forechecks.
You let the Pens get ahead by 2 goals, and you're gonna lose.
And here we go, back to Montreal for Game Six.  Gotta love it.
After the jump, a recap sans pics 'cause Picasa is being a joke.
Picasa stunned.
Twitter blowing up before the game about the number of Habs fans in attendance.

Staal-Cooke-Kennedy come out with a great shift to start things out.
MAF has to make the first big save of the game on Cammelleri.  Huge.

Back and forth for a while.
Then the Pens start a cycle led by Mike Rupp.
Halak gets shaken up on a Rupp backhand.
Plekanec falls heading to the net on a Habs rush.

After the initial push at the beginning of the game, everything settled in.
Pens spending a lot of time cycling but not getting shots.
Pretty much the story of the first period.
Obviously intense hockey.  Just not exciting.

The Canadiens are the biggest cheesers in the NHL.
They set up their entire offense from behind the net.  Every play.
Frustration was beginning to set in.  The margin of error for the Penguins is 0.
Make one mistake, and the Habs will jump all over it.

At the end of the period, Josh Georges has to take a penalty.
Biggest PP of the season.
The Pens deliver.

Bodies everywhere.  Crosby being laid on.
Malkin carries it around.  Habs confused.

Geno drops it to Letang.  Boom.  1-0.
Great celebration by Letang.  Incredible shot.

The Habs got away with a couple too-many-men penalties at the end of the period.
Then the Pens started throwing the body.
Cooke hits some joke.  The dude puts his skate up to defend it.  Dangerous play.

And Adams closes things out by destroying Josh Georges' baby.


Pens come out on the PK for some reason.
Kunitz in the box.

The kill was insane.
Talbot and Staal both saving sure goals.

The game opened up after that.
Fleury called on to make some huge saves.
Halak answered at the other end.

Disco breaks out the hockey smarts.
Throws Geno on a line with Letestu and Rupp.
Montreal was confused.  Gonchar one-timer. 2-0.

It continued to be the Malkin Show after that.

Dominic Moore trips up Letang.  Moore complains about the call.

Dominic Moore does nothing.  He's like that girl from high school who'd run her hand up your leg under the lunch table then go off for a line change.

Pens on the PP.  No dice.
Period ends.

Malkin gets mauled by Gill early in the third. No penalty.
Setting the tone.

Montreal came out to score some goals.
All over the Pens.

SoupCan ends the flurry with an embarrassing play.

He shot the puck over the glass for no reason at all.
Can point back to that as a huge play.
The Habs were EVERYWHERE

The Pens go on the PP, but it gets cut short when the ref makes an embarrassing call on Malkin.

Georges did a good job buying the call.
Not sure how he can show his face in public after that, though.

Short shifts for the Pens as the period creeped under 10 minutes.
Habs falling everywhere trying to buy calls.

Job job job.
Dupuis takes the can opener to SoupCan.

Pens play "Renegade."  The crowd goes nuts.
But it was actually women screaming as they ran out of bathrooms.
The Habs pull Halak to get a 6-on-4.
They put in your typical Canadiens trash goal.  2-1.
30 seconds left.
Montreal still swarming.
A close call, and the puck gets out of the zone.
Crosby gets the puck and misses the empty net.  66 buries it.
Doesn't matter that Crosby was rushed.
Lemieux would've put it through the net and killed someone.
Picasa isn't cooperating.
Trying to figure shit out.
Got a bunch of stunned pics in waiting.