GAME FIVE: Leclaire Gets Last Laugh. PENS LOSE.


If you think there is going to be a full recap after last night, you're at the wrong blog.  The only challenge for us after clicking the "publish" button is avoiding all highlights of this game for not only the next 24 hours, but for the next 24 years.
And we're hoping Dicky as The Undertaker is not forever cursed.
The Pens delivered a chokeslam by coming back from 2 goals to tie it.
Crosby delivered the Tombstone Piledriver in the third period.
But William Regal kicked out of it with a 2-count.
And then Carkner came in with a steel chair, and dragged the Sens on top of the Pens for the 3-count.
That's all you gotta know.
All we can say is that going to Ottawa on Saturday night will be like going into the lion's den.
But we've seen it before.  Lived it before.
There is some cause for concern. Because Pascal Leclaire is dangerously close to hot-goalie terrority.  All bets are off there.  And because the Sens are ONE HOME GAME away from forcing a Game 7, which would then be played in the arena where they have played their best hockey in the series.  But if the Senators feel like they've already accomplished something by winning this triple-OT game, then they've already lost the series.
On the flip side, let's not be stupid here and start saying ridiculous things like Lovejoy should dress for McKee.
The Pens were a bounce away from winning a triple-OT game and a series last night.
It just didn't happen.
The usual suspects are blowing everything out of proportion this morning.
Some people just aren't built to watch playoff hockey.
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Hand of Godard
First 15 minutes of the game were huge.
Pens came out with close to nothing.
Found themselves down 2 goals.
Pens played a great second period. Got a tying goal from Koon.
But just couldn't get anything else going. Senators blocked everything.
Huge goal by Crosby halfway through the third.
The Tombstone was delivered.
But Ruslan Fedetenko made his case for goat of the game with an awful, just awful turnover.
William Regal buried it.
This might be a pic of the OT winner.  Why was he out there?
Pens had a huge powerplay chance after a horrible call on Mike Fisher.
But Staal got sent to the box via a vintage makeup call.
The officating, on both sides, sucked last night.  Just not good.
Ottawa came out guns blazing. Just didn't feel right. They honestly played one of the best elimination games we've ever seen a team play.  If you can't respect that, you just don't know what you're talking about.
The game was already tainted by two goal reviews.
And within a few minutes, we would get another.
Nick Fellatio kicks in a rebound.  Ref was right there.  Scariest video review ever.
The ref confirms the right call.
Trust Fund's face almost falls off.
But looking back on what we know now…
maybe it would have been better just for that one to have counted.
The rest of the OT is back and forth. Pens seem tired.  Ottawa had unlimited energy.
Volchenkov probably will be at your house this morning blocking your car in your driveway.
So many penalties called, too.
Pens had to kill off a huge penalty when Candy put a shot over the glass.
Orpik wasn't himself in OT.  He had two turnovers right before that.
Pens killed that penalty on the blood and guts of Jay McKee.
He was sensational. He later drew a penalty on Spezza.
Pens powerjoke had nothing.
A lot of four-on-four shit the rest of the first OT period.
11 blocked shots,  35 minutes of ice time.  Unreal performance by him.
Pens had some much better chances in the second OT.
Malkin had a huge chance after a great dish by Dupes, but Leclaire was in the zone.
Malkin also hit the post.  Sickening feeling.
Both teams were wearing down.
Those bullshit Five-Hour energy drinks taken before the game were fading.
Crosby sucks. (mwn3d)
The Pens actually came out looking they were gonna end it.
Adams friends had a nice shift.
And then it happened.
The best and worst thing about OT is because it's just what they say it is.  Sudden.
Everything is going fine.
Then suddenly and without warning, Matt Carkner gets a shot on net.
It hits something.
picture 15
  • MAF was a money goalie in the OT for Rinko. Huge saves.
  • Don't job people for leaving the game early. People have to get up and work and shit.