7:30PM – Mellon Arena


The last time the Pens played a game Noah's ark was still being built.

This is a huge game.  Despite an outstanding March the Penguins are in sixth place in the conference.  They are two points out of fourth, but they are also only three points away from ninth.

Everyone knows that the playoff race is tight.
Some just don't know which teams are which:

[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

If it feels like the last Penguins game was a long time ago, try to remember the last Devils' win.

It was Friday March 20th.

The Devils shut out the Minnesota Wild that night.  Since then they've gone into a complete tailspin.

But that actually makes things WORSE for the Pens.

The Devils are a good hockey team.  Martin Brodeur is a great goaltender.  They will not continue this slide forever.


The Devils have scored six goals in their last five games.  The Pens have scored 17.  The Devils have allowed 16 while the Pens have seen nine enter their own net.

None of that means anything.

Tonight the Devils will be insane.

Malkin hasn't scored a goal since March 20th.  That won't last either.

The Penguins eight game homestand ends tonight.  After today the Pens play three straight on the road.  A win today will end the homestand with a 6-1-1 record.

Patrick Elias will miss tonight's game with a lower body injury.

It looks like the players are interested in keeping Dan Bylsma around.  It's tough to argue with his record thus far.

In The Crease takes a look at the Penguins playoff push and those pesky Hurricanes that somehow matched the Pens' record in March:


Tonight is one of those nauseating nights where you need to cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs. They're playing the Flyers tonight.  The playoffs can't start soon enough.  Cheering for other teams to lose is getting old.


Go Pens.