Friday Night Lights

There’s a sense of anticipation for this road trip to get under way.
Actually we have no clue what people are thinking.
We just know we’re pumped as shit.
Some things have gone down in the NHL recently.
Including a bizarre Friday night in New Jersey.
Stamkos scored halfway through the third to make it 3-0 Tampa Bay.
Then the lights went out in half of the Prudential Center.  TB.COM
The game will be picked up at a later date with 9:12 remaining.
The Penguins took note, since they will be turning out the lights in the same building in the Spring.

Daniel Carcillo has been fined 2,500 for making a throat-slashing gesture at the Toronto bench on Wednesday.
Again, what an idiot.
At least do it against a rival or something.
Also, Chris Chelios was recently arrested for DUI.  TORONTO SUN.
No word on whether it was connected to him murdering those people in his restaurant.


NFL playoffs start today.
New Orleans has a bye.
We should be pulling for the Saints because of their Black and Vegas Gold.
But the last thing we want to deal with right now
is two weeks of feel-good Katrina stories leading up to the Super Bowl.
Talk about torture.  Go Pens.