Friday, I’m In Love


Every week people wait for Friday.

Friday means the beginning of the weekend.
It means being away from work or school for a couple days.
Friday night is a time to relax, to go out with your friends, to catch up shows you Tivo'd.

This week will be different.

Yes, we will all anxiously wait for Friday's arrival.
We will count down the minutes.

But Friday night will not mean lazy relaxation.

Friday night will be war.


Today is Wednesday.

Have some fun.




Someone else is begging for us to mention them.

"So I say this to the Pens fans, on PensBlog and elsewhere: You’ve got a good team. Two superstars. Some nice young players. Class act of a PP QB defenceman.

Stop being dicks.

More than any other fanbase this spring, I’ve wondered what the hell is wrong with these guys. They’re making jokes about Vladimir Konstantinov and Jiri Fischer, running their yaps about who is old and tired and then turning around and talking shit about Wings fans? Really?!

For a fanbase that claims to hate 'asshole Wings fans' they’re doing a very credible imitation of the worst among them."

Here's your link.


Pittsburgh has been named the most livable city in the U.S. by The Economist

Ray Emery is a Philadelphia Flyer.

Petr Sykora is on crutches after blocking a shot last night.
He will likely miss game seven.


While Jim Balsillie is announcing "Make It Seven Day," a new website wants to "Make It Five."

"Roger Jolie, the French-Canadian billionaire and CEO of Swashbucks Entertainment Group, Inc., has made an offer to purchase the Toronto Maple Leafs, and relocate the organization to the AHL, lowering the number of NHL teams in Canada to five.

“I love the Leafs. But, it’s about time they became competitive. Which is why they need to be moved to the AHL. Make it Five!” Mr. Jolie says.

It’s time for Canadians to take a stand … mediocrity is simply not good enough anymore!"




Looking for a good way to kill time until Friday?