Fourth Place. PENS LOSE.

With three games remaining on the season the Penguins find themselves in the same place they were at the end of last season.


Fourth place in the Eastern Conference.


Second is still a possibility, but a first round match-up with the Ottawa Senators is looking more and more likely every day.


The Capitals sweep the season series against the Pens. The Pens move to a stunning 0-10 against the Devils and Caps.

We were in the Mellon last night for the last time.
As we are walking out, we overheard some dude saying he was ready to press the panic button.
Might be a little late for that.
However, the Pens lost Malkin right before the faceoff. How much did that suck the life out of everything?
And for all the bitching, they had the game 4-3 with a early third period goal, and all the momentum in the world. But then Dupes broke the glass causing a huge delay.
And then Sugar Shane Morrison got high sticked. Two shakes of your sac later, AO put one in the back of the net.
5-3 game, that was about it.
So excuse us if we aren't sucidial. But we'll even admit we're worried.
Especially after learning about this:
Almost eerily, the Elmo balloon that has lived in the rafters and has been rumored to be a good luck charm, fell last night.

One of the Caps knocked the balloon out of the air.
God help us all.

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It's bad news right away as Versus announces that Malkin was scratched following the warm-ups.
And there's no Mike Green for the Caps, which only helps them defensively.
Washington puts on some pressure to start. Ovechkin is booed every time he touches the puck.
The Pens don't have much going on.
They're having difficultly getting into the Caps zone.
Someone hits Adams from behind into the Pens net.
Meanwhile, Versus reminds us that the Devils are beating Atlanta.
The Caps make a few mistakes and turnover the puck.
Crosby intercepts a terrible attempt at a pass and storms in on Varlamov.
Sid's shot deflects off of Erskine's stick and goes wide.
For a few plays, it looks like Eaton has stolen Orpik's Free Candy and he's dishing it out around the Penguins net.
The puck takes a weird bounce off of Fleury and Leopold and it looks dangerous for a second.
That's the kind of night we're going to have.
A couple good chances as Staal and Kennedy have a nice give and go and Ovechkin hits a post.
Then Alex Semin turns Gogo inside out and he scores. 1-0.
Somewhere someone starts a "Trade Goligoski" thread.
Ovi gets called for slashing.
Apparently Bruce Boudreau has never been so personally insulted and confused.
What a shirt behind him.
The mighty Penguins power play takes to the ice.
Sid gets a good chance as the penalty is ending.
No dice.
As the period end, the Sesame Street line cause some havoc, but the puck stays out.
Yeah, we don't have much.
Somewhere someone starts a "Trade MAF" thread.
Versus continues to talk about how Ovechkin is struggling to score goals, which almost guarantees that he'll score tonight..
The International Conspiracy to Reward the Penguins continues as the Caps are called for holding.
Gonchar tries to get a clean shot but he can't.
Crosby takes matters into his own hands and he Buries It past Varlamov. 2-1.
That's Sid's 48th of the year.

And the Caps get it right back. 3-1.
Somehow Semin gets splattered all over the ice.
He's fine.
There's a weird moment as the Crosby goal is announced right after Fleischmann scores.
Fleury is pulled and Johnson hits the ice.
Somewhere, that "Trade MAF" thread becomes a "Start Brent Johnson in the Playoffs" thread.
The Pens manage to get one back.
Goligoski with some good work rushing up the wing.
He dishes to Leopold. 3-2.
Adams almost gets his stick on that one.
It would have been his first.
The Conspiracy pays off once again and the Capitals are called for a penalty.
Versus adds fuel to the fire by pointing out that, during the season series to this point, the Pens have had 18 powerplays and the Caps have had 7.
Gonchar hits the crossbar with a shot.
Somehow Jason Chimera gets a short handed breakaway, but he blows it.
The penalty is killed.
And the Caps score again. 4-2.
It looks like Kennedy answers, but the referee is quick to blow.
We start to wonder if Bettman didn't get our checks this month.

The Penguins keep pressing.
Dupuis breaks the glass with a shot.
Guerin gets called for a penalty.
You really didn't think he'd be quiet all night, did you?
Ovechkin scores four seconds into the power play. 5-3.
The action gets faster now.
Sesame Street goes to work once again.  They can't get it past Varly.
The Caps storm back with a 3-on-1, but Ovechkin is stopped.
Bruce Boudreau is once again completely shocked as the Capitals get called for a penalty.
The Pens score here and it's a whole new game.
The don't.
People start leaving early to beat traffic
Johnson is pulled for the extra attacker.
With .2 seconds left Ovi hits the empty net to tie Sid in goals.