Forrest Gonch

It's been Steelers city the last few days.
And rightfully so.
But it's back to business today.  Huge game in Montreal tonight.
The Pens got some good news recently as Gonch is cleared for contact in practice. []
Can't come soon enough.
Because if you are a girl and you don't want to have sex with Ryan Whitney,
put on a thong with a net motif and put a powerplay outside your room.
Tons of shit after the jump.
Don't forget about Puck Daddy's photoshop Hockey Card contest. [PD]
One of the top 5 photoshoppers we know, the Wizard, J.Schiff, got some major play over there, as he did this up:
No surprise to us.  How he stopped short of putting his initials on it is beyond us.
When we open a Pensblog Hall of Fame, Jschiff is first-ballot in the photoshop wing.
The contest is still open, so represent.
Tell him Charlie sent you.
Sick save by some dude:
Senators are a mess. [Scarlett Ice]
Another coach bites the dust.
As we get closer to March 4, rumors are floating around.
And if there is one thing we like. It is juicy rumors.
Per [Spector], the Pens might be talking with Florida.
Spector is a pretty solid place for rumors.
If you're bored at work, Puck Daddy hosts a rumor chat around 1pm every Tuesday.
Spector is one of the guests, so it will be interesting to see what he says.
Some recent photoshops hanging around our inbox:
Enter the CONSOL T-shirt contest tonight.
Go HERE for details if you don't know what's going on.
Floodgates for e-mail requests open at 4:30.
Gameday will be posted at 4:30.
And we're still taking submissions for the Header contest, the winner of which wins an XL Consol energy shirt.  HERE for details.
We've gotten some sick ones in so far.
Hard to stop watching this.
Probably will be taken down shortly.
5:12 mark.
Madden: "Unbelievable."
Sounds like Gorilla Monsoon.
You expect him to mention WrestleMania or the Pontiac Silverdome in the next sentence.