For The Fightin’ Fifth. PENS WIN

After one of saddest days in Pittsburgh's history, this was nice.
From Jimmerson's moving rendition of the National anthem, to the shirts of the Pens back, it a solid night.
But it ain't worthy of no recap.
The most important things from tonight.
  • Pens gave out their awards

  • No one got hurt.
  • Malkin got two points. He is now four ahead of A.O.
  • If Pens win against Montreal, and the Canes and Flyers lose out. Home ice.
  • This girl after the Pens scored:
Purple bitch.
Carrot stunned.


  • This Malkin interview:



    • A lot more happened. Google it.
    P.S. We are working on one of the biggest things we have ever done. It is all hands on deck, so whatev.
    Details may emerge tomorrow.
    Go Pens.