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There has been so much sweat on Cam Ward's balls this week, the Hurricanes should buy stock in Brawny.
Ward is big deal.  And the love affair with him has been warranted.
At the other end, Marc-Andre Fleury hasn't gone without his praise,
but his critics usually drown out any good vibes.
In Game One, Fleury won round one of a potential 7-round fight.
We're not experts, but you could tell MAF was a little more on his game.
MAF was dealing with AO flying into his zone for the past seven games.
Last night, it was Matt Cullen.

anthem pics.
we'll post them tonight.
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The puck dropped and it was the Eastern Conference finals. Thats all that mattered.
It was weird not having to close your eyes and pray everytime A.O. touched the puck.
After each team rolled all their lines in like three minutes, Eric Staal takes a penalty.
Pens get a few chances, nothing to get worked up about though.
Scott Walker and his giant nose take a dumb inference penalty.
Some canes fan burns down his trailer after pushing over a table after the call.
Ward has to make the first big save of series, whatever that means.
At the tail end of the powerplay, Gonch's Ford Pinto blows a tire, and the Canes have a two on one.
MAF makes a save of Larose.
Right after the powerplay expires, Satan gets whistled for holding.
It's interesting to watch a powerplay that doesn't run interference plays all day.
The Canes get some big-time movement, and MAF makes three or four huge saves.
One of the biggest on Jarkko Ruutu's brother Homo.
Every time someone enters the box, you have visions of him being sprung on a breakaway when he gets out.
Not in this case.  You were just concerned about the Pens killing off Satan's two minutes.  And they do.
Penalty gets killed.  Crowd cheers with appreciation.
If you don't have HD, you don't immediately know why the crowd noise begins to swell.
And then you see.  Miro Satan has a breakaway.
He goes in all alone, freezes Cam Ward and his entire family, and goes backhand.
What a fulfilling moment for Miro Satan.
What an eruption in Mellon Arena.  And the Pens fed on it.
Malkin was PCP. Just couldn't be stopped.
Boucher gets him the puck.  Backhand shot far post.
But if you've watched the Canes in the playoffs this year, 2-0 is like a joke to them.
They come storming back. A few little chances turn into a bigger-than-balls chance by Chad Larose.
But Fleury throws up on him. Huge save.
picture 24
Still can't get over this pic.
Def buying a Yanni CD.
Any chance of the Boss geting a Pens jersey tonight?
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Second period boring until about the 15-minute mark.
Kunitz nails some dude causing his 13,456th turnover of the playoffs. What a player.
Crosby gets the puck to the Road Dog Bill Guerin. Everyone in Mellon was up.
Unreal save by Ward. Jesus. And Canes feed off the save.
After some solid chances each way, the Canes finally get a goal past MAF.
Erik Cole drops a pass to Chad Larose, who had 1,000 shots on net. He waits…waits…waits.. goal.
All Carolina all the time. Next time Larose touches the puck, Goal city. 2-2.
Oops, Erik Cole is a lunatic and pushing Hal Gill into MAF.  So dumb. Take the goal off the board.
That Pens powerplay was poopblog.
picture 24
Mike sent us this:
That is supposed to be Pittsburgh's skyline. But Versus seems to be using outdated shit.
UPMC isn't on the Steel Building or whatever it's called.
Ariba isn't on the building on the far left anymore, either.
picture 22
Last goalie standing in the third.  Bring it.
Each team loaded up with some quality chances. Malkin showed a burst of speed after some joke turned it over.
Cam Ward was locked in, though, and he was able to stop Malkin on a breakway.
Pens start to wake up out of their second period sleep and generate some pressue.
Patch Adams nails some dude forcing him to shoot it over the glass.
Powerplay blog.
You'd have sex with Bette Midler for a powerplay goal.
Nothing happens for the unit, though, and it looks like the chance would go to waste. But Bing finds Boucher.
Boucher focus in on the net.
What's your fav position
Right after that, someone's middle finger becomes famous:
good stuff.
Thanks to the 9,000 people that sent this in.
But the Canes would not go quietly.
After Father Time arrived, Orpik starts handing out some Candy.
He suplexs some hick and gets a penalty.
Two minutes left, Canes go all-in. They pull Ward.
Puck is in the Pens zone forever. MAF drops his stick. Eric Staal shoots ita way. Veteran play.
MAF never recovers. Joe Corbi's Pizza scores. 3-2.
Canes have a minute to tie the game.
Ward comes to the bench. Extra attacker.
Ray Whitney makes an unrealistic pass to Eric Staal.
But Eric Staal, in vintage Staal Family fashion, misses the open net.
But the Canes never stop. A bouncing puck shot from Mount Washington comes in on MAF.  He has to make a big-time save.
That puck goes in,  Canes win the series.  Mark it down.
Thankfully the Pens clean shit up. Canes run out of time.
Long night ahead for our rival Canes blogger Acid Queen.
  • Ten years until game two.
  • This could be another long series.
  • Hope Bill Cowher pooped himself.
  • Decision to dress seven defensemen pays off for Disco.
  • Cooke could face the NHL for the hit on Erik Cole. We don't care.  Just another thing for Cole for complain about.
  • Kennedy was cash.
  • Strange to hear no whining.
Three Stars:
Solid game for Boucher.
Ice Time:
Scuds and Gill. Unreal
Gonch almost 22 minutes.
this recap was more rushed than we don't even know.