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0-24 last year?  Must have blacked out.  God.
Who would’ve thought a 5-2 win against the Thrashers on January 5th would be comparable to sex?
But that’s what it is.
Although it’s difficult to give this game a lot of weight.
Atlanta has now lost 9 straight.
Compared to the recent teams the Pens have faced, the Thrashers are butt crust.
But a win is a win.
Jordan Staal is on a different level. With Bingo and Geno busy making hotel arrangements for Vancouver, Staal has arguably been the Pens’ most solid player the last 10 games.
It was nice to see a guy like Caputi, playing for the injured Chris Kunitz, get a goal.
That is why we hated Chris Bourque so bad.  He didn’t do shit.  It took Caputi a shift to show up.
(Stay tuned after the jump for a beautiful Chris Bourque story.)

A big test for the Pens looms on the horizon.
After the Flyers at the Mellon on Thursday, the Pens go back on the road.
As we all remember, the last time the Pens hit up Western Canada, it was a good time.
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Chelsea F.



By the halfway mark of the first period, the Thrashers knew what Brent Johnson’s bowel-movement schedule was.
It was a relentless assault of shots.
In keeping the Pens in the game early, Johnson was flashing the glove and had help from the post.
There’s absolutely nothing else to say about the first period.
Luca Caputi drew a penalty, which gave the Pens more players than the Thrashers for two minutes.

Nacho Guy unimpressed

“Hey Guys — I live near Hershey, PA, and after Chris Bourque got sent back to Hershey, I figured it was only fitting to get a picture of him with Pensblog Charlie.
He even autographed the poster for me.

I think that Bourque likes to spike his hair so he looks a little bit taller, but the picture of him signing the poster makes him look like a freakin’ midget.  For perspective, I’m 5’10”… he’s just not a very tall man. haha.



The nets started filling up in the second period.
It started when Letang moseyed into the slot and beat Pavelec with a wrister.  1-0.


Not be outdone, AC gets a semi-breakaway.
Johnson’s poke-check was futile.  1-1.

Dude in the hat is up to no good
The Thrashers almost took the lead 2-1 when Malkin makes a bizarre pass to the front of his net.  wtf.
We were gonna see that again later in the second.
Jordan Staal comes onto the scene and bulls his way into the Thrashers zone.
TK picks up a loose puck and has no clue why Staal is left uncovered in front.  2-1.

The Thrashers gave the Pens consecutive power plays halfway through the second.
As much as the Pens PP is robert downey jr, you mess with fire, you’re gonna get burned.
Their PP goal comes on a rush, not on a PP setup in the zone.
And again, Staal made shit happen.  Feds picks up a loose puck.  3-1.
What a stupid play by Armstrong on that play. Idiot.
And less than 2 minutes after Staal’s goal, Crosby sets up Slater beautifully in front.  3-2.
It all added up to the Pens going into the third holding onto a one-goal lead.
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The Pens had to kill that Goligoski penalty that drifted into the third period.
Cake.  Pens even had the better scoring chances.  Staal again.
Evgeni Malkin’s slump is an enigma.  Then again, he’s 23 years old.
When we were 23, we were getting slammed with overdraft fees every week and our cars wouldn’t start.
So Malkin becomes a one-man wrecking crew and takes shit into his own hands.
No NHL defensemen should let Malkin make that move in front.
Malkin gets all he can on a backhand to the net.
Rebound.  Luca.  4-2.


It’s not too early to hope the Mellon resonates with chants of LOOOOOOO in due time.
It was still a two-goal lead that could turn on a dime.
As soon as the Thrashers decided to give up, the Pens took advantage to put the final nail in.
TK and his speed never gets old.
He flies into the zone, lets off a shot.
NHL 10.  Jordan Staal.  5-2. GAME.


picture 24
  • Huge win for Cowboy Curtis. Keep the gameday ideas coming.
What a win for the USA over Canada in a surreal game at the World Juniors.
This game only makes you think what the Olympics will be like.
Speaking of which, we have big news.
We are ironing out most of the details, but we will be launching a Olympic Fantasy game at the end of the month.
It is from the makers of Rinkotology. And it is going to be sick.
It will be a $10 buy in. Winner gets $500 and a world-championship belt we are designing.
Second place gets $400, third place $300.
Or at least that’s the plan. Money amounts might change as we get closer.
But we want to gauge interest in this thing.

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