Flipping The Switch. PENS WIN
Here we go.
The annual March craziness. 3-0 in March.
4-game winning streak stretching back to pre-Olympics.
But another streak was snapped.
Malkin's point streak ends at 15 games.
That's bad for Malkin, but good news for the Penguins.
The more goals they score without Malkin and Sid involved, the better.
And that isn't to say Crosby wasn't involved in this one.
2 goals, 1 assist.
But the only thing we care about is the Poni Express getting on the board. Poni's importance to the Pens is going to be paramount, and he got off to a solid start. Very impressed by him in his own zone.
Pens hosting the Bruins on Sunday.
We refuse to talk about the Penguins being atop the Atlantic.
Still waiting for the Devils to catch up in games-played.
trey h.
matt s.
mark s. — traveled from D.C.
The Poni Express gets ready to roll.
While you're looking for him on the ice, Leopold gets railed.
The puck comes to Toby Petersen of all people. Big save for MAF.
On Poni's first shift, he takes an awkward fall.
Shades of that Hossa injury.
The next time Leopold was on the ice, he was still having trouble in his own zone.
Usually it means the other team will score.
But this time, it confounded the Stars' D for some reason.
The puck finally gets out. Cooke hits Staal streaking. Mini-breakaway.
Staal just overpowers Lehtonen.
Save to say Jordan Staal is treating goalies like Big Ben treats women.
Oh wait, we didn't mean he sexually assaults goalies..uhh oops.
Then came the sun outage.
FSN tried to blow smoke up our asses saying it had something to do with satellites.
But we all know sun outages occur when Gary Roberts needs to refuel.
Wish we cared enough to get The Flat Earth Society's thoughts on the matter.
Out of nowhere, the Stars come into the Pens zone.
Ribiero shoots it and sweetly puts home his own rebound.
What a play.
TK takes some penalty. Pens kill it.
Went into the first break knowing MAF still looked shaky.
Pens came out like anus for the second period.
Flock of Seagulls puts home a 2-on-1. 2-1.
More anus right after that. 3-1.
Bylsma had the sack to pull MAF in New York when the game had this same feel.
But MAF was gonna ride this one out.
How else would MAF get playing time to bust out of his funk?
Despite being down 3-1, just never felt like the Pens were out of it.
The Koon gets it one of those right back. 3-2.
Love that sound.
Stars were poised to pee on the Kunitz goal, but MAF stops Richards.
Huge for his confidence, huge for the Pens. Then the Stars started to get cheap. And that woke up the Pens.
Then the Pens got a PP.
Even with a broken Star stick, no dice.
Just as the game creeped past halfway, Letang hit Dupuis going to the net.

15 goals for Dupes. Making Bylsma's looming decision pretty tough.
Most of the remained of the second was a joke.
Then toward the end of the period, Crosby does a bankjob. 4-3.



Crosby is in the dicussion for the player with dumbest look on his face after he scores.

Stars had no clue what was going on.
And then Craig Adams loses it and crosschecks Mel Ott in the face.
Then they drop the gloves.
Pens escape that without having an extra penalty for some reason.
But the Pens did get a late penalty they'd have to kill off in the third.
Pens kill off a 5-on-3.
Bing and Staal cruise in shorthanded.

The Penguins will was imposed all throughout the third. The Stars didn't seem interested in paying the price.
Brad Richards is a complete waste of space.
Halfway through the third, Feds goes to the box.
Stars just refused to take advantage, let alone actually take a shot.
Pens get a PP late. Poni up. 6-3. Chipshot.







  • Rupp beat some dudes ass.
  • Another solid game by Adams.
  • Screw the sun.
  • Game in like 8 minutes.
Go Pens