Out For Justice. PENS WIN.


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Strange night in Calgary.
The mystique surrounding an unfamiliar foe.
The Stanley Cup champs coming to town.
And the champs’ fans making their presence known.
MAF rose his game to another level.
The Flames were not going to beat the Flower in the third period last night.
He had a high-ankle sprain to avenge.
When you’re getting goaltending like that, you win games.
And it helps to score a powerplay goal, which they did.
Speaking of which…
The winner of the Twitter contest and………
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Big performance by Drumsteve.

If there any disputes to this, please e-mail us: thepensblog@gmail.com.

*The object of this contest was to get the scorer, primary assist, and secondary assist correct.
No one did that.
So, it boiled down to who picked Guerin to score.
Then who had Gonchar as the primary assist.
Then it came to the time tiebreaker.

Random close calls:




GOAL — 10:52

G: Guerin, 1A: Gonchar, 2A: Goligoski.






Unreal pics from Erin and Sal.
Also some stuff from Ricky H.
Some duplicate pics in there.
Just let the slideshow go to the end.
Right off the bat, in the pregame, MacDonald’s absence hurts FSN.
Steiggy’s and Errey’s mikes echo.
Then there was more echo during the goalie introductions.
MacDonald sips his water from the press box.

Early on, the Flames were everywhere.
And Goligoski had to job some joke.  PP for the Flames.
Pens kill it with ease.

Coming off the PK, the Pens get their first chance.
Crosby drives to the net and makes that Toronto goal look like shit.
He fakes a move to the slot.  Buowmeester vomits.
Before the vomit hits the ground, Crosby bulls past him and Giordano.
Then he takes what Kipper gives him.

30 goals.  Jesus.
The Pens pressured a little bit after that.
Then coming back from a commercial, Godard was in the box.
Brandon Moss for the Flames hits a crossbar in there.  Then he was picked off.
Godard’s penalty was killed.
Godard Guy unimpressed with the Flames powerplay.
As the period was winding down, Letang gets railed.  Again.
It was survivorblog for the rest of the period.
Pens were trying to get out with the 1-0 lead.
They did.  Big road period.  MAF stellar.
Same stuff going on the second,.
Something probably was gonna happen to set things in motion.
Finally, about six minutes in, Gods and some guy fight.

Good battle.

After the fight, things get chippy. Geno turns his stuff up big-time but gets called for some joke penalty.
Stephane Auger is a distant relative of Ron Cook.  Fact.
The Flames are in the Pens zone for a half-hour.  Finally Giordano scores.  Nothing MAF could do.
It woke up the Saddledome crowd for like a half a minute, then they went back to sleep.  Bizarre crowd.
Right after the Flames tie it, Crosby comes on and draws a penaltly on Ollie Joke.
Might have been a lame call, but it made up for the bad call on Malkin.
We’ve missed this one.
The Pens roll out the powerplay with Malkin on the right boards and Bing in front of the net.
Proof that there is a G(g)od.
The Pens waste no time. Gonch unleashes a bomb.
The Road Dog, a.k.a Moustache Man Bill Guerin, gets his stick on it.   2-1.
Big-time goal.


The Pens proceed to get the next three powerplays but can’t get one past Kipper.
But the powerplay already looked better.
Other than Jordan Staal showing why he is a beast by taking the puck coast to coast, the rest of the second was nothing to write home about.
Talbot Twitter T-shirt Contest.
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1. Get yourself a Twitter account.

2. Guess who will get the Penguins 10th shot of the game.
Tiebreaker:  Period and time.
3. Send your Tweet to @Pensblog.
Don’t send to @TPBderek or @TPBadam.
4. Use the player’s number.
We will be using the play-by-play sheet from NHL.com to get the time of the shot.


Pens have a leftover powerplay. Nothing.
Breakaway coming out of the box. Fleury stones it.
Two weeks ago, that’s in the net.

The announcers point out that Iginla is pointless in his last four.

The Flames had clearly stopped touching each other in the dressing room long enough to work out a good plan of attack.
But MAF was like a Rubik’s Cube.
Crosby goes off for hooking.  The penalty kill mushroom-stamps the Flames.
They quite literally crash the net and attempt their speciality: cramming as many men as possible into a small space.
But Fleury shuts the door.
Theo Fleury has a blog apparently.
Check out his recent post: 5 Ways To Smoke Crack.
Gonchar gets sent off for something.
Pens PK digs in.  Killed.

The Flames kept the pressure on.  Doesn’t matter, though, because Fleury was in the Matrix.

[ Insert photoshop of Fleury as Neo stopping bullets that we can’t find to save our lives. ]

Phaneuf sets up Lundmark with an ungodly Crosby-esque pass.
Fleury floats over to make the save.  Speechless.
Fedotenko rings one off the post. Kiprusoff looked like he had fallen asleep back there.
Still, the Pens never seemed scrambly or panicked or disorganized.   Rope-a-dope at its finest.
Pens were getting outshot a million to 6 at this point.
The Flames were swarming.  The orgasm would soon come to its climax.
But the Flames didn’t lock the door.
Kennedy walks in like your mom holding a basket laundry and shuts it down.
Gigantic Maxi-Pads on the doors could not stop the fans leaving the building then.
The Pens had a meaningless PP at the end of the


picture 24
  • Other than a big first-period hit, quiet game for Inglia.
  • Auger was solid. Burrows is a joke.
  • ESPN’s Ken Laird can suck it.
  • Ron Cook photoshop expo at 1:00.
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The Snuggie Game. PENS WIN

And just like that, another seemingly normal night at the storied Mellon Arena turns into one of those crazy nights.
But perhaps we should have known it was going to be a weird night.
This is straight from Bob Grove, of the Penguins radio network.
Pens beat the Bruins. 5-0.
MAF shutout.
Pens beat the Devils 2-0
MAF shutout.
See where we're going with this?
Unreal. Three shutouts, in three straight years, on the same date.
If there's anything we're guilty of besides Googling "little boys"
is we don't throw love Fleury's way.
We'll throw love his way he gets a shutout 'cause it's a no-brain-er.
But we always seem to forget him when he plays unreal
on the way to a 4-2, 5-4 win.

And with all fairness, Hal Gill should be the talk of this town.
He played on the more inspired games we've see from a defense-man in a long time.
All the while he may have started something.
At some point during the game, we were listening to the X, Errey and Steigy reported that Gill had a Snuggie on in the locker room yesterday.
KISS FM , also know for their love of Snuggie's, confirms Gill did have a Snuggie on, as he told FSN's Dan Potash after the game.
Something tells us that if Crosby comes out in warm-ups against the Rangers with a snuggie on, and then scores six goals. By mid-april it will be a Snuggie-out at the Pens games.
Jump it.
daver, steimes, Ryan, Zach, Heather, Tim, & Jess, SCORE GOALS, ryan m.,
Kevonic, brad b., ryan fidak, clem, Thersea
Kevonic's anthem pic used puck-side attack defensive strategy.
picture 20
Some dude was on the pregame from the Calgary sun. Seemed like a solid human.
Overall it is nice to see the Flames.
Seems like the Pens haven't played in three months.
Matt Cooke playing with Malkin and Sykora.
Early on problem for the Pens, Orpik destroys MAF, almost a disaster.
Gonch takes a penalty. Not a real positive way to start the game.
Calgary's powerplay is business, but the Pens get a nice kill.
The teams start to feel each other up like their at an eight grade dance.
FSN shows Mike Keenan. He has coached a lot against the Pens a lot since 1992, but just for shits and jokes, does anyone remember how awkward that hug between him and Scotty Bowman was after the Pens won the cup?
So bizarre.
Anyways, Malkin pick-pockets some dude on grant street.
Powerplay for the Pens.
They set up shop, and get some stuff going. Crosby has a wide open net, but the puck jobs him.
After a high stick on the puck brings the puck outside the zone, the Pens re-enter.
Crosby get the puck to Letang. Letang to Gonch. Gonch to Malkin. Malkin to Bing. Bing gets it through Kipper.
Letang cleans up.
We saw the goal.
But this lady wasn't so lucky.
Talbot and friends come out flying after the goal. But the Flames get to the Pens zone. Talbot interferes with a flame.
Penatly kill was all about Staal. He made some unreal play with Dupes. The Flames job Dupes. No penalty.
Pens kill it.
Right after that, the Pens go right back to the box as Tenk does something.
No clue whats going on.
Iggy brings the noise on a slap shot. David Moss has a goal on his stick, but MAF says no.
Big time save.
Calagry's powerplay is about as organized as a…..
Pens kill it with ease.
As the powerplay expires, a dream scenario occurs with Gonch springing Tenk out of the box.
But Kipper poops in his mouth.
Longest first period ever.
Out of nowhere Kunitz runs over someone, but MAF flashes the glove on Randy Moss.
Somehow it is still the first period. Flames start to come on. But all that happens is they run of the same linesman twice.
picture 24
Will had all kinds of stuff for the crap section.
But we'll never know if this can be topped.
Some is offering a Wedding dress for Penguin tickets.
picture 21
The game is still like whatev. Just that missing hate makes all the difference.
Both teams get some chances.
Staal almost nails one home. Guerin and Kunitz get a two on one. No dice.
The net goes off the mourning for some unknown reason.
Right back the Flames roll down. MAF robs some guy with an unreal save going left to right. It wasn't a very good shot, but still sick save.
Eric Godard gets a shift midway through the second period for a change. Yea there is nothing going on.
Business starts to pick up with some end to end action. Free Candy gets distributed to the flames.
Mega Powers get a shift and they start stuff.
MAF makes a big save.
A light hearted game gets nasty all of a sudden after a scrum round the Pens nets.
Bout time.
Dion Phaneuf tries to pretend Gonch is his girflriend. Awkward.
Four on fourblog for awhile. Yea back to whatev.
Flames start to get it together.
Then Malkin goes on an unbelievable ride. He avoids a big time check and sends some idiot into the boards. Then he goes through the entire Flames team. He has one last guy to beat. He accidentally hits him in the face.
Four minute penalty.
We would have said everyone in the building had their eyes on Malkin.
But what the hell is that dude in the front row reading?
Malkin's parents were not pleased.
Pens on a big time kill. Dupuis get the puck, but just look away because he ain''t scoring.
If he had hands he might be a 70 goal scorer. He's so fast.
Back to the kill. MAF is on PCP.
Flames powerplay is nuts too. Jerome Iginla is a beast.
Late 2-on-1 for the Pens. No.
picture 22
Pens up against it to start the third.
Flames 4-23 when trailing.
That almost guarantees they are coming back.
Pens kill the penalty. Sick.
Back and forth it goes. The invisible man strikes Chris Kunitz after Bing finds him on a rush.
Gonch takes a wicked slapper. Kipper makes it look easy.
Big time goalie display.
Out of nowhere the Flames get a break into the Pens zone.
Scuds with the biggest poke check of his life; springs Malkin and the USS Hal Gill.
Malkin with a big time drop pass.
Hal Gill…..What a shot
USS doesn't get to celebrate his goal the right way because Jokinen is a dick. The look on his and Malkin's face were priceless
But least Joke gets a penalty. Still not sure what happen.
Pens don't get anything going on the powerplay.
If they rewarded the Norris based on one game. Hal Gill would win it.
What a performance.
Father time arrives to see teams exchange big time shifts.
And the the unthinkable happens.
After Bill Guerin gets a shot on net, we were pretty sure we saw a guy behind the Flames net moon Kipper. He was in a white Malkin shirt. It happened at the 3:17 mark.
And wouldn't you know. NHL.com comes through.
Watch the behind the Flames goal:

Watch him get ready:
And the magic:
The Flames pull their goalie. And then Matt Cooke fails:
Oh man.
  • 44 hits for the Pens. 10 for Free Candy
  • Most unreal 2-0 game you'll ever see
  • Pesonen 29 goals in Wilkes Barre. Just sayin? He is having an outstanding season.
  • This is a rough copy of the post, no spell check. Grammar =vomit. Whatev.