We’re Clinchin’ Tuesday Night. PEN LOSE

No question the Panthers and their fans watched this episode of Matlock to get ready for the big game:
Wow that's a meltdown.
Anyways, screw the Panthers. We hope they make the playoffs because they will be the easiest bet we've made all season.
Boston will destroy their lives.
The one good thing about this is that the Pens losing puts the Rangers in trouble. Anything that adversely effects the whiny bitches in the big apple is fine with us.
Before you start getting all worried about everything, chill out.
Because Pens are clinching Tuesday night. And how ironic will it be against the very team that tried to become them.
Interesting side note to this game, though.
Pens have never won a road game in which Bing and Malkin have both been held scoreless.
That is unreal. If you don't believe it, take it up with Bob Grove because he is the one that found it.
What a human.
Cameron R., Scot Z.
FSN says the Pregame is a Pens pregame, but is that even the case?
Why are we talking about Pitt football?
So bizarre.
Potash interviews TK. TK is jacked for the game. How anyone has that much energy is beyond us at this point.
picture 20
Game starts, terrible camera view.
A few minutes later the screen goes black. When it comes back. Panthers score.
Hal Gill try to bat the puck down, missed and some joke put it in behind MAF. 1-0.
Big goal for the Panthers.
Bing shoots the puck between his legs. It didn't go in, therefore it really isn't a big deal.
First big issue of the Disco Dan era. Do you you take Matt Cooke off the Malkin line? Do you rework the Malkin line altogether. Because Sykora is cold as balls. Not putting an amber alert out for him because Sykora, quite frankly, is one of our favorite players.
Penguins out shooting the Panthers big time early.
Tyler Kennedy and Jordan Staal are unreal. They cycle, puck flips out in front of the net.
Dupes bats it home. 1-1. Nice touch.
Disco goes to Tenko-Malkin-Cooke, but nothing doing.
Sykora gets to play with Staal and TK, and that line generates some shit.
Pens playing unreal hockey, Florida isn't even in the building.
Everytime the Pens get the puck the Panthers look like they'd rather be at a beach. Little back and forth going on, nothing happening.
Then the Panthers take a really dumb penalty. Powerplay for the Pens.
Then things get interesting. After some jobbing the Panthers get a breakaway, big save by Maf.
Then the puck gets to Malkin and he gets demolished by Keith Ballard. Clean hit, no question about it. Ballard then challenges Bing to a fight, and Bing fights. Crosby gets an extra two minutes somehow. Solid play.
That is what being a captain in the NHL is all about.
Right after that, Panthers get a penalty to make up for the bad call on Crosby.
The intensity completely changed on that hit, and that is why hockey is unreal.
The Panthers capitalize on the unreal hit, as Byran MCjoke buries it. 2-1.
picture 24
We've been meaning to job the Aspen Dental commerical for awhile now.
Why is this guy so emotional about going to the Dentist?
Really strange.
picture 21
Pens still flying. Panthers giving up tons of shots.
Malkin gets jobbed by Bouwesster, tough night for Malkin.
Then Orpik devastated some dude, jesus.
Hitting picks up big time.
Mega powers get teamed up, but can't get anything going. Midway through the period, the Panthers fans decide to show up with a cheer. Jokes.
Almost kind of sense the Pens getting tired as the Panthers get some chances. MAF is solid.
Disco changing lines like crazy, needed to be done. Nothing really happens for awhile, Pens just hanging around.
Pens get a penalty for something, Panthers powerplay is mud. Cory Stillman runs MAF.
Games are officiated differently in southern states now.
Pens kill the penalty. But then they go right back to the box as Staal takes a penalty.
Under a minute to play in period, Pens on the penalty kill and the refs call another penalty. But it is delayed, so the Penguins must touch the puck. And the Pens clearly touch the puck. Refs don't blow the whistle, though. Stunningly, Panthers score.
Unreal times.
Period ends. Vomit.
picture 22
Pens are beat, you can see it.
Just nothing in the tank.
But of course it doesn't help when you hit two posts like Tenk and Guerin did within minutes of each other.
The extra level isn't there and the Panthers are cruising until some idiot loses control of his stick. Four minute penalty.
Anyways, the Pens poop the bed on a powerplay for a little bit, but Mark Eaton hops over the boards.
From way downtown, kaboom. 3-2. Great shot.
And just as it look liked the Pens were about to get back into it, some guy scores. 4-2. Gutsy goal and he paid the price.
Panther fans get to make it home for a Matlock marathon.
  • Stephen S. found this unreal tatoo of a panther.
  • Tyler Kennedy is playing some big time hockey.
  • Pens have to get Sykora going.
Seth from [Empty Netters] has the Panthers response to the fight via some guys blog no one reads:
Keith Ballard on Crosby:
Usually after something like that you have to expect that someone is coming. He kind of just came to me, so I got my gloves off quick. I think it's a clean hit, I don't know if they do or not. But that's part of it.

They were on the power play, so they didn't have a bunch of tough guys out there. I expected someone to come, I didn't know who it would be. He's their captain and he understands that no matter who it is, you have to do something. He's an intense player, competitive. At that point of the game, that was pretty much the right thing to do.

66 Buries a hat trick after that fight.
Just sayin'
Go Pens.