Thursday night is the start of March Madness.
Which means we'll be watching TV.
While we're waiting for the final two minutes of the game,
we are emptying out our G-MAIL.
We are going through e-mail by e-mail over the past two weeks
with a fine-toothed comb.
Not all photoshops will be posted.
Not all links will be posted.
But we are marathoning it.
Barring a broken-down car, Friday's post will be epic city.
We were asked to send along info about the Pens practice on Saturday:
"Please be advised that the Penguins practice scheduled for Saturday March 21st at the Iceoplex will be closed to the public due to a large event. There is a charge to enter the building and for parking. Access to the Ice arena will not be available. Additionally there will be no autographs allowed in the parking lot before or after practice."