Feeling Blue?



As we mentioned earlier, the blue third jersey will make its season debut tomorrow night against Phoenix.

While very popular, some consider the blue jerseys to be bad luck?

Are they?

Last season the Penguins wore them 11 times during the regular season.
Their record in those games was 3-5-2

Saturday, Nov. 15 vs. Buffalo – 5-2 win
Tuesday, Nov. 18 vs. Minnesota – 2-1 shootout loss
Saturday, Dec. 20 vs. Toronto – 7-3 loss
Saturday, Dec. 27 vs. Montreal – 3-2 loss
Saturday, Jan. 3 vs. Florida – 6-1 loss
Sunday, Jan. 18 vs. NY Rangers – 3-0 win
Sunday, Feb. 8 vs. Detroit – 3-0 loss
Wednesday, Feb. 25 vs. NY Islanders – 1-0 win
Saturday, March 14 vs. Ottawa – 4-3 shootout loss
Sunday, March 22 vs. Philadelphia – 3-1 loss
Wednesday, April 1 vs. New Jersey – 6-1 win

Curse or not?

3-5-2 isn't that bad.  Maybe it's the quality of the losses that stick in people's minds.
A 6-1 loss to Florida and a 7-3 loss to the Leafs certainly don't look too good and that 3-0 loss to Detroit stung pretty bad at the time.

From Twitter.
The Penguins are tracking their wins with pucks along the wall of their dressing room.
In the Islanders recap, we posed the question of why Crosby grabbed that shootout puck.
Mystery solved.  H/T to cblog.