We got word from the Mario Lemieux Foundation:
The running total of donations is $12,577.82.
On behalf of the Mario Lemieux Foundation,
we would like to thank everyone who has donated.
Big time performance.
Game 5 is tonight.
But things are deader than…never mind.
That jumped the shark already.
The Pens come back to the Mellon tonight to end this series.
Not so fast, though.
Those who don't learn from history are doomed to get jobbed by it.
The Caps twice humiliated the Pens in Washington to start this series.
Then crapped in their mouth in that Game 4.
The Pens were down 3-1.
No one was giving them a chance.
They go into Washington and eke out a win.
They come back to home ice and push it back for Game 7.
Anything can happen in a Game 7.
Or a Game 6.
Or a Game 5.
This screenshot of the Flyers on Wednesday, though, says it all.
The Pens have to play this game like their season is on the line.
Nobody wants this going back to Philly.
vintage J-Schiff
The Pens are calling for a white-out tonight.
Nothing else going on.
The Pens did say Consol City is going to BLEED GOLD. [PP]
How sick is this place going to be
A bunch of people sent us stories of their Wachovia Center experiences.
We would have posted them all, but we didn't.


Speaking of stories, we got this one in a few days ago.
Might be one of our all-time favorites.
Big thanks to "Ja" for this.
I have been enjoying reading the blog for the past few months and find your insight and analysis unreal. The morning after the Pens loss in Philly I decided to read the recap in my class since, well we don't really do anything in that class. Anyways, I was showing my friend the hilarity of thepensblog and he was cracking up. This made the Mac Lab attendants quite upset that we'd actually be having fun in their class. So unknown to us, our teacher went on "Teacher Control" and started eavesdropping on our screen. Here's an excerpt from the e-mail she sent my parents today:

Mrs. ******,
Today in class I Mrs. ***** and I noticed that ***** was not on task as he should have been. It was clear from where we were sitting that he and another student we enjoying something on the Internet. Of course when I would walk over it was just a matter of a click and the work that should have been up, was up.
Mrs. **** has the ability to see what's on every computer in her MAC lab at any given time. She doesn't use this often but since I had re-directed ***** and his friend a few times she brought up his screen on her computer at her desk.
At first glance it appeared he was on a Penguins site…okay, no problem I thought, kids can take a moment or two to check scores or whatever. However, on closer inspection this appeared to be a fan site with pictures of the coach and of the players and shots from a game. What bothered me were the captions under these pictures. Most had nothing to do the Penguins, but rather were obscene quips from the person originating the site. (I would guess.) "I'm touching my penis" was one caption I read under a picture of what looked like a coach and something about genitals was under another picture. I stopped reading at that point.Then we could see that he did have his Journalism work open on on the screen making it very easy to click back and forth depending on where I was in the room….


It continues and they address the fact that we had a picture of the teacher opened up in photoshop hidden that was unaltered at that point. She had legit reason to be pissed about that I guess.


We could read that e-mail everyday.


late stunned pic.
HERE'S what a blogger's desktop should look like in the playoffs.

Wikipedia editing was funny back in 2007.  We thought we were over it.
But when it involves making fun of Mike Richards, it's a different story.
[Fencil city]
[Andrew D]
Rangers now up 3-1. [Japers' Rink]
And finally, huge thanks to Ken W. for sending these in:
Some footage of behind the scenes from "Sudden Death."
go pens