EA Sports Penguin Player Ratings And EASHL News

Courtsey of [PostGameHeroes]:
They have the complete thumbnail verison of every player over there.
Bing and Geno are rated higher than A.Hole.
After the jump some news about the EASHL.
The Screens of Malkin and Bing:
Like we said, the rest of the rating screens can be found at the link above.
Also out today, EA Sports producer David Littman has a really interesting EASHL blog. [Litty]
The EASHL is easily one of the best video game features of all time.
On both XBOX 360 and PS3 our Pensblog teams enjoyed some pretty high success.
But as fun as the EASHL is, it has become almost unplayable thanks to online jokes manipulating the game [cheesers]
It also had really no direction. No one had any idea what moved teams up in the standings, moved teams down, and what we were even playing for.
To be fair, EA had no clue how popular EASHL was going to be.
We had no clue either. Our XBOX and PS3 teams we're full when we first started, and of course fights broke out about teams and shit.
But with a year behind it, the EASHL has learned some lessons.
From Littman's blog:
With the new monthly EASHL seasons there will be many more Champions instead of just two. Each month teams will be able to win trophies in either the Casual division or the Pro division. The EASHL Trophies are for the pro division for your club trophy room, but winning the casual division also gives you a trophy for your club trophy room. Like this year, we will be rewarding the top teams. The teams that win the most EASHL trophies (on each console) during the year will be eligible to either come to EA Canada or some other perks.

Teams that finish in the top percentages in their divisions will win medals (gold, silver, bronze) for your trophy rooms too, so every club has a chance to win something.

The final couple of days each month will be really intense and will have a play-off atmosphere about it. I can’t wait to see that.

You have also seen some of the new equipment you can earn and the attribute points you can assign to the equipment. The stuff is really cool and fun to get. For the hardcore guys that are wondering about authenticity, we look at it like this. The EASHL is its own League. We can have an authentic game of hockey but also allow teams to feel unique and different from eachother. That is why you create your own characters and teams in the first place. Go down to your local rinks and check out some men’s league teams. There are some pretty cool uniforms and color schemes. The EASHL should be a fun league to play in and that is why we relaxed the rules a bit when it comes to each team feeling unique and special. We have teams in the studio right now that all wear the same custom gear and it really makes them feel like they are a unique team.


However, if your club only wants to use authentic gear, then go for it. I fully expect some teams to only wear authentic gear and never use the extra attributes. Winning a Club trophy be just upgrading your hockey card and playing good hockey might be your team’s way of being unique.

We have started the default created characters a bit lower this year (about 72 overall, down from about 78 overall), and we have raised the max overall (about 90 overall, up from about 86 overall). This gives players a lot of room to customize your character both in look and feel. You can put more points into checking, shot power, or whatever attributes make up your selected player type. For best result, have different player types on your team. We also have about 25 new jersey’s for your team to wear. Select one of the prospect teams for your club uniforms, and you will have access to many new created jerseys. Each prospect team has different created
All equipment that NHL players use is available right away along with new gear for NHL 10 as well. The customized equipment is what you can start earning when you get the game. Most importantly, getting your player to Superstar or Legend status is still very important as that is still the main way to grow your character.
Littman posted this video:
Much needed changes on EASHL front. Both our XBOX team and PS3 teams have had unreal starts.
[Each of us play on teams, Adam on Xbox, Derek on PS3]
From a PS3 perspective, Team Pensblog–last time we checked, has played the second most games in the entire world [over 4,000.]
Team Xbox, not sure what the stats are, Adam isn't writing this post, that why the grammar is mud..wooo. So someone email us and let us know.
We're trying to organize a main site for all our EASHL teams.
We'll need reps from both "A" teams to email us so we can start getting shit together.
go pens