Dustin Brown Sucks


It isn’t offically a Penguins season until someone starts a Dustin Brown for Jordan Staal rumor.
We all know who started it. Eklund. What can you say about the guy? The Internet wouldn’t be the same without him.
The full trade, as per the Dustin Brown fan club network aka [LGP] is Dustin Brown and Jack Johnson for Letang and Staal.
So lets just have fun and shoot it down now.

1. Lifetime stats: Dustin Brown -65. In fact, he has never played a season where he has finished a plus.
Jordan Staal  +19. Only one year he finished a minus.
Dustin Brown, 95 goals in six seasons.
Jordan Staal,  69 goals in four seasons.
2. Career Playoff games: Dustin Brown = 0
Jordan Staal = 49
3. Salary: Brown is signed longer, for less. So LA would be taking Staal for less years, and more money. Okay, so the salary think makes sense for the Pens, shut up. STOP IT.
As for Letang for Johnson. Thats not happening. We won’t even speculate.
Summary: Dustin Brown is mud.
Shero wouldn’t trade Staal when the Pens were at their lowest point last year. Staal is Shero’s first ever pick.
suck it.