Double J Gets A Play, Isles Fan Douche GIF

Via [LGP]
Apparently there is a fictional biography based on the life of Double J.
Pretty sure Jagr makes that pose before he rails chicks.
After the jump, that idiot Islanders fans gets GIF'd.
Our good old friend ICE ALCHEMIST never fails in getting GIFs for us.
Directly behind the net (and behind the column in the glass) is Hooks from PensBurgh.
He relays this story:
Me and three of my boys were actually in front row last night in Long Island.  The distracting fan on Crosby's shootout goal was dancing right in front of my friend.  Maybe it was being caught up in the moment (or just the beer) but we never even noticed him, so of course you'd have to bet a world class athlete like Sid didn't either.  I'm in the blue jersey and throw my hands in the air at the 2:03 mark of the youtube.  Pretty sweet stuff.  I kind of wish we would have seen it and taken him down but oh well, the result is the result.

Found it interesting that i found front row tickets on the internet for $79 a piece a day before the game

and we ended up in the middle of it.
That's the BURIES IT jersey and Sven.  Our hero.

A lot of people were asking if we were creating a Pensblog league on the Penguins Extra Attacker.
We didn't, although someone said there might be a group.
You'll see why we didn't create a group.
December 1st, buckle up. We have something big on the way.

Big Joke was on Monday Night Raw. Check out the shirt.
Even the large amounts of douche that radiate from Ben are masked by that shirt.
Two questions:
1. Why wasn't Neil O'Donnell ever on Raw?
2.  And how can we get Crosby and Malkin and Godard on Raw?
The Pens practiced in their Powder-Blues on Monday.
There's a link out there somewhere.

The banner-raising set some TV ratings records.
Whistler sent this along.
Pretty much a frame-by-frame of the Godard-Brashear fight.
Dom e-mailed this in.
A great article from the PG about hockey.
go pens