Don’t Ever Give Up. PENS LOSE

There is a show on A&E called Intervention. It follows someone who is alcoholic or is addicted to drugs.
At the beginning of the show, you meet the person, and A&E breaks down their life story up until this point.
One thing we like to do is guess what happened to the person to set them off when they were a kid.
It is always something. Whether a divorce of parents, they got touched by some guy, or anything else bad.
We believe that when we are on the show next year, our family and friends will say;
" They were okay kids. They made some bad jokes every so often. Life was good……[crying on camera]… then came last year during Game five against Detroit. They just started drinking and shooting heroin."
In a season where nothing has been what it seems. Who could have saw this coming?
If you would have told us Garon would be in net for the third, we would've of ball tapped you.
Sure this was a nightmare. But unless they changed the rules, the Stanley Cup is awarded after four wins, not three.
We're aware of what people saying. We hear the trolls, bandwagoners echoing.
But we don't care.We know what we believe in, and that's all that matters.
The thought of the Wings winning the Cup at the Mellon again sickens us. But that is a real possibility. One way or another you have to make peace with that.
But that talk be banned. There is a team that is going to needs its fans on Tuesday night.
There is arena that needs to be protected. There is a city that is going to have to believe.
We have said said it a million times.
If you have come this far, maybe you are willing to come a little further.
Whistler, Pghgal, jpatch
True Americans.
Really no need to recap this mess, so just some thoughts:
  • New NHL rule: You can't touch Johan Franzen or talk to him.
  • Pens played a great 10 minutes.
  • Datsuck was way better than anyone could have thought. Big time performance
  • 8 power plays for the wings. Ouch.
  • Have to love Detroit fans. Go read their blogs on Friday. It was empty. Especially , The Chief he turtled. But now they win, and the everything is okay again. Jokes.
  • If you call the Suicide hotline, you're not alone.
  • Things could not have gotten much worse.
  • Worst game Pens have played since the end of the HCMT era.
  • Pens are winning Tuesday night.
Shutout city.
Go Pens.
P.S. will someone tell Eklund to shutup. He is on this mission to get the big screen back up. Isn't this a month old by now? Jesus. If it goes up, it won't be thanks to him.
P.S.S. sorry for the grammar errors. hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo