Do The Penguins Need A Renegade Like Song?

We were doing some blog catching up this past weekend, and we noticed a post on [MONDESI'S HOUSE] about the story of the Renegade song played at Steeler games.
[ too bad they can't play renegade on the road..wooooo]
We’ve been watching, following the Steelers all our lives and we’ve heard mentions of this Renegade shit but never heard the full story.
It is pretty cool:
If you search “Steelers Renegade,” alot of cool fan videos in the crowd on youtube.
We were at a Pens game last year when Renegade was tried out. Some people got it, some didn’t. If memory serves us right James Farrior and someone else might have been at the game.
Now, that was great and everything but we got the same feeling we do when people bring their terrible towels to Pens games. Just whatev. Sans special occasions when the Steelers are in the superbowl, no reason to ever bring your terrible towel to a Penguins game.
But back to the point, it would be nice for the Penguins to have something of there own, but it can’t be forced. Which makes it seem unrealistic to think it is going to ever happen.
The only reason we were upset when Hossa left was because Fiesta Mexicana could have become our Renegade.
Just incase you forgot about it:
Played after Hossa scored, it was on its way to becoming legendary. We got tipped off about it from a Rangers blogger long ago when the Pens got Hossa. The blogger told us that when Hossas brother scored while playing with the Rangers, MSG would play it.
The ever in touch Penguins gameday operations teams picked this up, and did play it when Hossa scored.
Now the Steelers aren’t the only team with a video scoreboard iconic symbol, the Boston Celtics have the legend of “Gino”
For our money, though mundane, we’d enjoy seeing a little Andy and Red late in the third period of a tie game or the Pens trailing:
But like we said, these things can’t be forced. They just have to happen.
With that said, any suggestions?
Go Pens.


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