Disco Dan Does Dallas. PENS WIN.

Remember a while back when Florida came to the Mellon and just peed on everything?  An upstart team playing a team down in the pooper.  This was the same deal.  If the Pens were 800 points ahead in the East, we'd have some sympathy for Dallas.  Not now.  Such a huge win.
It's the Pens' first three-game winning streak since November 11-15.
Detroit, Philadelphia, Buffalo.  Yeah.

Big week ahead. The Pens surprassed our bailout-plan numbers for this past week, gaining all 6 points.
We only had them getting 4 points.
The last thing the Pens want to see is the "Welcome To Florida" signs.
These sunbelt trips are usually mud.  Gotta beat Florida straight up.
Trap game against Tampa.
We're too lazy to flip.
jimmy mc
anthony l.
allday 72
picture 20
Almost forgot how horrible the camera angle is down in Dallas.
Mike Modano went down early.  As he headed down the runway, only one thing came to mind.
Watch to the end.
Out of the nowhere, the Pens get a 2-on-1.
Staal passes to Malkin. Malkin with the shot. Staal with the finish.
Yeah, we're officially done riding Jordan Staal.  It's not because it's amidst a solid streak of play for him.  It hit us when FSN showed "17th goal of the season" after the goal.  17 goals and solid defensive play? Bank.  If he's overpaid, don't blame him.
Fleury had to make a big save on some joke.
And then darkness.
Upon further review, it was FSN's fault.
Can't let a pic like this go to waste.

The feed went out, so we hopped on Twitter and turned on THE X as the teams jobbed for a while until Malkin drew a penalty.
Pens had a chance early, but that was it.
After the penalty was killed, Mike Lange's voice starts to rise when Malkin makes a pass to Letang. Letang rolls in.
For those who didn't see it.

MAF made a huge save somewhere.  And Eaton made a big-time stick-lift somewhere, but it may have been before the Letang goal.
We were gonna throw FSN under the bus for having us miss half a period of hockey.
But then we asked ourselves if we would throw our crack dealer under the bus.  Nope.

picture 24
Best commercial till Lent's over.
picture 21
There wasn't much going on for the second period, other than the Pens scoring two more times.
Satan scores in his second straight game.
Frogs are flying from the sky.  3-0.
Four minutes later-ish, Malkin gets a sweet bounce off the boards, and adds a goal to his two assists.
The end of the second was penalty-kill blog.
Fedotenko and Satan take some penalties, but the Pens kill all they had to in the second.
picture 24
Is Charlie the spokesman for some pizza place?
Thanks to  John from for the pic.
Thanks to NICK Z. for sending this along.
We've seen 4-0 leads evaporate before.
The Pens did it to the Caps a couple years ago.  LINK.
The Oilers almost did it to the Pens this year.  LINK.
But at least those comebacks were jump-started before the third period.
It took Dallas too long to get their first goal in the third.
Six minutes in, Swedish puts it home. 4-1.
As the game was reaching its twilight, Kennedy set up Staal in front, but he couldn't put it home.  Staal sucks.
It started getting scrappy towards the end of the game.
The entire Dallas roster goes to the box.
Pens have a 5-on-3 for an hour.  Disco puts the big boys out there to run out the clock. The crack of the puck hitting the tape of their sticks echoes off the empy seats in the arena.  We guess you don't care about running up a score against a team you only play once a decade.  No goal.  GAME.
Jimmy M.
If the playoffs started today:
But they don't.
  • Disco Dan
  • Malkin is the MVP of the league, no questions asked.
  • Sykora has been silent.   So was Charlie Chaplin.
  • Orpik: 9 hits.  Unreal.
  • We have to manually make each link open in a new tab.  It gets tiresome.  Hit the Apple key or whatever it is on Windows while clicking it.  Or don't.
  • All in-game pics were provided by Fitz.  Unreal.
  • We'll have more "crap" for Monday night/Tues. morn.


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