DirecTV versus Comcast’s Versus

We operate our daily lives under the following banner:
"If it doesn't concern us, we don't care."
If some hot babe is getting her purse stolen in a dark alley,
we pretend we're on our phone and keep going.
For all we know, the man and woman are in a plan together,
waiting for you to get into the alley and jump your butthole.
We always think everything is a trap.
That's why we're still alive.
But this Versus-DirecTV-Comcast-NBC-NHL shitfest is now hitting home.
The Pens-Blues game is on Versus tonight.
After the jump, we break this whole thing down
in less than 4 minutes reading-time.
Or try to.
These are facts. And they are undisputed:
  • Comcast is the parent company of Versus.
  • Comcast is charging big-time money for DirecTV to carry Versus, which DirecTV will not succumb to.
  • Comcast and NBC are up to no good, planning a merger, per se, to become a rival to the ESPN-ABC monster.
  • Versus will presumably be the ESPN of that Comcast-NBC deal.
  • This is why Comcast is keeping the Versus channel's balls in their court and in their mouth.

"DirecTV initially said it was about price, that Comcast was seeking a 20% hike in licensing fees for Versus.  Additionally DirecTV has said it is paying more for the service than other providers.   But Comcast says that isn’t so and that the issue is that DirecTV wanted to move the package into some digital sports tier ghetto on DirecTV where Versus would’ve been available to six million fewer DirecTV subscribers. 

Previously Versus was available to subscribers of the Total Choice Xtra package, where it was available to around 14 million on DirecTV who subscribe to that package at no additional cost."  LINK
As Pens fans, this is what our situation boils down to:
  • If you have a basic DirecTV plan, you aren't watching the game tonight.
  • If you have DirecTV and Center Ice, but live in the Pittsburgh area, you aren't watching the game tonight.
  • If you have DirecTV and the Center Ice Package, and are located outside the Pittsburgh viewing area, you aren't watching the game tonight.
  • If you have Comcast, you support terrorism.

So, who is to blame for this black hole in the viewing of Pens games? Is it DirecTV for not agreeing to pay an uptick in fees to air Versus? Is Comcast to blame, for charging that uptick in fees to carry Versus 'cause they know the value of the channel to the NBC-Comcast merger is going to skyrocket once the merger is a done deal?

Are we idiots to expect this Comcast-Versus-NBC deal will come to fruition before the Olympics in February? Is Comcast and NBC so diabolical that they would squash DirecTV customers out of some extra viewing of the Olympic games, not to mention all the OnDemand Olympic shit that Comcast will be able to pimp out?  Yes.

If this NBC-Comcast deal happens, Gary Bettman's decision to go with OLN/Versus coming out of the lockout will look like a genius move, albeit his only other options were ESPN for a lower price and the Lifetime channel.  The NBC-Comcast deal would most likely push the Versus channel into having a daily/nightly "SportsCenter" or "FSN Final Score" program, with the NHL being the network's exclusive sport.
Basically, Comcast jobbed DirecTV and DirecTV's viewers out of seeing NHL games and big MMA matches.  Bettman undoubtedly has the inside scoop on what's happening with Comcast and NBC.  Bettman and everyone in the world knows that this DirecTV-Versus business is hurting the NHL's ratings on Versus.
But is Comcast-NBC hushing Bettman from really being a pain in the ass about this whole thing because they're promising Bettman some more primetime slots when the playoffs come around, i.e., more than 4 games of the Stanley Cup Finals?  We don't know how all this shit works, but isn't Comcast losing money by jobbing DirecTV, since they are keeping one of their channels (and potential ad revenue) in the dark for DirecTV customers?  That's a bizarre move.
If you don't think Comcast is to blame,
take a look at this pic of the Wachovia Center, home of the Flyers.

What's that sign in the upper-right-hand corner?
Suck it, Comcast.
People that have Comcast are meh-meh about this whole situation.
People with DirecTV are jacked.