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This post has the following:
  • The Ewing Theory explained.
  • The strange Ghost Busters turn our gmail has taken.
  • Some song we have avoided playing all playoffs.
  • A pic of some red wings fan falling asleep in the stands
  • List of great CBC montages
P.S. Strongly recommend "The Hangover." It is bizarre, vulgar, and provides a nice break from the rigors of the playoffs.
[P.S] we hid the title because it was too long. So its not your computer.
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Love or hate Bill Simmons, he is no question was one of the biggest blogging trailblazers of all time.
Simmons, a long time ago, came up with a theory called the Ewing Theory. [LINK]
We feel this theory is unfolding with Pavel Datsyuk to some extent
Here is what Bill Simmons wrote. It is easier to copy, paste, and paraphrase Bill's work:
We strongly suggest you click the link above to read the whole thing.
It's bigger than the "SI Jinx." It makes the "Curse of the Bambino" look like child's play. It's creepier than the "Curse of the 'Spinal Tap' Drummers" and the "Curse on the Careers of Everyone Who Leaves 'NYPD Blue' " combined. Quite simply, it's the most life-altering sports phenomenon of this lifetime.
The theory was created in the mid-'90s by Dave Cirilli,  who was convinced that Patrick Ewing's teams (both at Georgetown and with New York) inexplicably played better when Ewing was either injured or missing extended stretches because of foul trouble. Curious to see if this phenomenon applied to other stars/teams, Dave noticed people were pencilling in the '94-'95 UConn Huskies for a .500 season because "superstar" Donyell Marshall had departed for the NBA. Dave knew better; a lifelong UConn fan, he thought the Huskies relied too much on Marshall the previous season and could survive without him. Like Ali predicting the first Liston knockout, Dave told friends the Huskies would thrive in Marshall's absence — and that's exactly what happened. By midseason, UConn was ranked No. 1 in the country for the first time in school history; the Ewing Theory had been hatched.
Eventually, we decided that two crucial elements needed to be in place for any situation to qualify for "Ewing" status:
  1. A star athlete receives an inordinate amount of media attention and fan interest, and yet his teams never win anything substantial with him (other than maybe some early-round playoff series).
  2. That same athlete leaves his team (either by injury, trade, graduation, free agency or retirement) — and both the media and fans immediately write off the team for the following season.

When those elements collide, you have the Ewing Theory.

Chiming in here, reason 1, is a good point to agrue. The Wings already won the cup with Datsyuk. But it still worth making the point.
Especially when this example is brought up by Bill Simmons:
Philadelphia Flyers, 2000: After losing superstar Eric Lindros to a serious concussion in mid-March, the Flyers hold on for first place in the conference and defeat Buffalo and Pittsburgh in the playoffs. In the conference semis, the Flyers take a 3-1 lead when rumors swirl about a Lindros return. Stunned, the Flyers drop Game 5 at home, as Dave and I send frantic e-mails back and forth. Lindros finally returns in Game 6, and the Flyers squander that one, too; now people are blaming Lindros for killing Philly's momentum. In the climactic Game 7, the Flyers get expunged as Lindros gets knocked out with another concussion midway through the game. Season over.
So, let us see. Detroit gets taken to the limit against the Ducks. The Blackhawks play the Wings close in Game 1 and Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Datsyuk doesn't play in Game 3. Wings lose. For the last time in the series. They dominate Game 4 without him, and win Game 5.
On to the finals, they go up on the Pens 2-0.
But rumors beging to surface of  him return. Lose. Series 2-1.
He takes the pregame skate. Lose. 2-2.
And now he is supposed to play in the pivotal Game 5.
Interesting, at least to us.
No way to explain this. Incredible Ghost Buster references in the last two days.
First this is good:
[Thanks to DB]
Then this pic comes in:
Weird times.
We have to post this now. Only to offset the stupid wings fans that sing this song:
Should have dropped an f bomb somewhere.
An email for Leeann G:
This lame Detroit fan that SLEPT the entire game. Honestly this guy was a freaking joke.  We would yell at him to wake up and he'd arise for all of 20 seconds and then slip back into his slumber.  Best part is when my husband yells "YO!! WAKE UP!!! WE'RE NOT AT A LIONS GAME!! THESE ARE THE STANLEY CUP FINALS!!".  Needless to say the dude told us he spent about $300 on his ticket and barely saw ANYTHING. It was awesome.
What a douche.
Looking at this pic again, why is Hiro Nakamura sitting in the left hand corner. Freaky.
Sick post here by Toronto Maple Leafs blog [Down Goes Brown] looking at some great CBC montages.
This one if sick:
CBC's Game Seven, this year against the Caps:
You could search youtube all day for these.
Are two favorites of all time.
What a song.
Mariah Carey and hockey. It works.
2:05 mark. Two Canuck fans stoned out of their minds. Goosebump city.
Today is June 6.
6-6 if you will.
Go Pens.