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Diarrhea Cha Cha Cha. PENS WIN

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Branch Bourqdavidian day: 23
March 10, 2009.
We said this about Thomas Vokoun’s eventual collapse against the Penguins:

Did you ever have to poop really bad?
Like so bad it felt like your stomach was flipping over.
Maybe it was on a bus.
Wherever it was, it was far away from a bathroom.
So you have to keep sucking it in and doing all you can not to shit yourself.
After the third or fourth time of going through this and battling off those the goosebumps of death, you decide to just let it go. Just let the poop fly.
The bathroom is too far away, and you’d rather be covered in your own feces in front of people then have fight it off one more minute.
That was Tomas Vokoun tonight. He held back his poop……..
Well guess what? Vokoun couldn’t fight the shits again.
Call it Diarrhea Syndrome, as the Penguins again rallied from a two goal, third period deficit to beat the Panthers for the second time this season.
It is always the same story. Vokoun and the Panthers D played out of their minds in the first 45 minutes. But they could not hold the flood gates of feces in and they covered all 11 of their fans in it.
The first part of this game was nothing special. Horton hears a homo was nearly unstoppable. Panthers were cruising.
Other than Rupp beating some dudes face in, not alot of emotion.
Then the third period happened.
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At the end of the second period the Pens were building something. Shift by shift the Penguins inched closer.
Five minutes in, they got the break that needed. Candy got one to the net. Dupes was all over it.  2-1. Some joke tried to Chris Tamer the net. If you don’t know what that means, you probably shouldn’t be here.
Not going to lie, before the season and even a little early in the year, Dupes was a candidate for team whipping boy.
Instead he has turned shit on. He has a legit scoring chance every game.
After the goal the game opened up. Very intense for a regular season game. Panthers had a few chances to end it, but MAF was chill.





After some jobbing, the Pens starting cumming harder than John Holmes.
The unlikely line of Adams-Malkin-Rupp have the shift of the season. Almost a full minute of absolute f’n work. The Panthers were dead. Finall Malkin battled with some guy behind the net. He somehow got the puck to Rupp who was all alone in front.

Great celebration by Rupp.
After that the Pens go all in on a late face off with Guerin- Malk – Bing. But Vokoun says no dice.
OT city.
[no one fakes a concussion for the Pens in OT…wooooo]
Fast paced OT to start.
Horton hears some Free Candy after not paying attention and hits Orpik in the face with his stick by accident. Play continues. Sergei Gonchar makes a play that shows you why he is a big time defenseman. He almost gets got pinching, but quickly recovers to strip a Panther of the puck. This springs Malk on a semi break. If you watch the play on NHL.com highlights, you’ll see the play Gonch made.
Kid front row with his hands on his head is all we all felt.
So remember that hight stick Candy got in the face? Well the linesman did. The Pens have been burned on this before, it is where the linesman can point out to the ref that there was a high stick.
Sets up the powerplay, 4 on 3 for the rest of OT.
Florida’s coach draws up some play. Black dude = not interested.
Vokoun held out for as long as he could. But Malkin took a big time slap shot.
Bing city on the doorstep.




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  • Pens 16-8 , three out of four wins all of sudden.
  • Rupp five goals. 1 shy of career high.
  • How did LoveJoy not score on this?
  • Pens play four more games in November. How is that even possible?
Go Pens.


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