Run For It Marty. PENS WIN.
Another sign that Spring is here?
Marty Brodeur projectile-vomiting in Mellon Arena.
Coming into the game for some reason there was a sense of apprehension.
But the Pens showed us what they are all about by stunning the Devils and their big bad goalie.
The goals he gave up in this one were pretty pathetic.
If the Devils would have pulled him, it would have been the 11th time Marty had been chased by the Pens.
That is unreal.
So, the Pens were 6-1-1 on this 8-game home stand.
Could it really have gone any better?
Yes, smartass, they could have won them all.
But you get the idea.
Saturday night in Carolina.
Steel cage match.
We'd finish the rest of this intro, but Malkin just back checked us so hard we hit the read more button.
Jump it.

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Not much was going on in the early-going.
Errey jobbing the Devils within earshot of some of their players.
The Pens kept getting pressure.
But Shanahan and Pandolfo get a 2-on-1.
Shanahan turns to dust before he can shoot it.

John Madden took some penalty.  boom.

Columbia is still doing their "Go to the box" promotion?
It's not cold anymore.
Maybe it's for the Pens PP, though, 'cause it's colder than a polar bear's balls.
Anyone know that exact seat number?

But the mishmash line they put on after powerplays has been nasty.
This time it was Cooke-Talbot-Tenko
Cooke puts in a backhand.  1-0.

The next shift, it was Kunitz-Crosby-Guerin.
They enter the zone within 3 feet of each other.
Kunitz hits Guerin, who roofs it.  2-0.
Guerin's face was intense.
– DAN S. –
Top five stunned pics in blog's history.
What are those girls doing?
You even have Pens earrings on.  Stand up.

Then the Devils did what they do.
They waited for the Pens to fail.
And it happened.

Some joke takes a shot on net.
Letang is in no-man's land instead of taking Gionta in front.  Goal.  2-1.

Late in the first, the Devils had their own fail.
Who the hell hooks Hal Gill?  How lazy do you have to be?
Pens get a PP.
That is why he is the MVP of the NHL.
Game changing goal.
At the end of the period, Orpik levels Zubrus.
Zubrus goes after him.
Somehow the Pens end up shorthanded.
He didn't lead a touchdown drive, so he is still joke city.
Gary Anderson would be practicing for next season.
G. Miller with the pic.

Five minutes in, Malkin back checks so hard the power goes out in Butler.
He makes some move. Jesus.
The whole situation leads to a powerplay.
Letang gets it on net.
Crosby's skate knocks it in.
He was falling down and his skate was coming forward.
Toronto barely looked at it.  Easy decision.  4-1.

Some sick dude in the stands makes a pulling motion to pull Brodeur.

A poop later, Fedotenko carries it in and puts it on net.
Horrible rebound right to Staal.  Like his 80th goal of the year.  5-1.

Sutter calls timeout to touch Brodeur where he pees.
Now this is where we think it would have been the best time for someone behind the bench to throw some nachos on Sutter.

What followed was 10 minutes of nothing going on.
Basically it was Jimmy Fallon's monologue.

At the end of the period, Bobby Holik gets out of his rocking chair and jobs Orpik.
No one knows what's going on.

Brent Sutter is out on the ice flipping out.
Refs basically give him a technical.
Sutter refused to realize Brodeur was choking.

The third period we the easiest behind of the season.

The Devils were trying to job.
Kunitz knocks another one home. 6-1
Guerin has enough of Kelly Clarkson's bullshit and fights.
What a man.
  • Hacksaw on his way to Carolina.