Detroit Got Nothing On The Republic Of Ireland

Sports officiating is in a dangerous place right now.  If you watched the baseball playoffs, you saw some disaster calls.   The NFL is a joke, College Football is having issues [great column in the TRIB from Joe Starkey about this], and the NBA refs fix games.

The NHL has had some major blown calls, including this one last night in the Wings/Dallas game.

From the Chief of Pants at [Abel to Joke]

That was such an obvious miscarriage, such a clear, blistering prison washroom assault of a call…that it’s almost impossible to believe Toronto missed it. If they didn’t, if they overturned it, could LaRue have simply ignored them out of sheer embarrassment? Not likely, but something idiotic happened.

And nothing will be done. Nothing. LaRue, of course, is one of Gary’s best. A ref in last year’s Stanley Cup Final, so you know he has to be good, right?

I’m wondering what the reaction to this will be from the MSM and blogging “elite”. I’m wondering who has the nad to call this exactly what it is…another example of a travesty by the most inept professional sports league in North America.

Oh. That’s right. It’s just another Wing fan and a conspiracy theory, right? Ok. Go with that if you want, but I’d suggest you watch this joke real close before stepping out on that branch.

It’s no conspiracy. It’s reality and we all just accept it. We, all hockey fans, just bend over and accept it. We accept the worst officiating in sports. We accept a crooked, incompetent commissioner. We just take it because we love hockey and we love our teams.

It’s time somebody stood up for the fan. The guy to do that may be the guy who hung up the skates yesterday. He’ll never be a commissioner, but he can definitely be a voice to be reckoned with.

It’s sickening and embarrassing what we’ll put up with. If you’re a fan of the NHL, you’re nothing more than an idiot pawn. And I’m right there with you.

A lot of emotion from the Chief.  We could imagine ourselves being pissed off beyond belief, too.
Thank God Crosby pays off the refs so this doesn’t happen.
Lost in all the Chief’s ranting is that the Wings were down 2-1, so who is to even say they would have won the game?
Just saying, over the course of an 82-game season, things even out.
Soccer fans in Ireland wish they could say that.
As sports fans, we enjoy soccer’s World Cup.  It is compelling.
Late last night in a win-or-go-home qualifying match between France and Ireland,
maybe one of the worst calls in the history of sports occurred. [YAHOO]
To set the stage…
The game was in Paris.   It was in extra time. Ireland was stunning the world.
They needed to win to get to the World Cup.   France only needed a draw.
We’re not even Irish, and that hurts.
They are calling it the “Le Hand Of God Goal,” which is a tribute to the “Hand of God Goal.”
Go Pens.