Determining The Pens’ Next Opponent

The NHL reseeds the teams after each round.
That means that the four remaining teams in the second round will be ranked based on their regular season position and the top two teams will face the bottom two teams.
The Philadelphia Flyers have already advanced to the second round after beating the Devils.
Along with the Penguins, they await the outcome of tomorrow’s games.
Tomorrow night we have a couple of game sixes:
7pm from Montreal
Capitals lead the series 3-2
7pm from Boston
Bruins lead the series 3-2
We won’t know who the Penguins’ next opponent is until both series are done.

Use this chart to see how it breaks down:

Pick the winner of the Washington/Montreal series across the top.
Then pick the winner of the Buffalo/Boston series down the side.
The rectangle where the two teams intersect if who the Pens play next.
For example, if Washington wins and Boston wins, the Penguins play Boston.
The Pens would have home ice advantage against Boston, Montreal and Philadelphia.
Go Pens.