Destined To Do This Forever

For as much hate as we have for the Flyers, it seems like the hatred for the Washington Capitals has begun to eclipse it.  10 years ago, a Capitals/Penguins in January was just another game.  Now it is like Wrestlemania.
But why?
Do we subconsciously feel the Caps are a more worthy adversary?

Whatever the case, a quick reminder why we hate the Caps:

The Supervillian

Maybe the biggest D-bag in the history of hockey.
And the most electrifying.

The Coach


Our lasting image of Double B is his improptu munchkin dance at the end of Game Six:

He is so fat that it's impossible to screenshot an image.

Did anyone ever make a .GIF of that?


The Sidekick

Ovechkin's boyfriends' disappearance in last year's playoffs will live on and on forever.
Mike Green still sucks.

Huge, but this poster doesn't tell the half of it.
If the NHL was smart, it would have a pic of Texas Ted Leonsis, with A.O., Semin, Backstrom, Green, and Brodreau.
The Pens' side would have 66, with Bing, Geno, Staal, Gonch and Disco.
And this doesn't even begin to speak of the war that will be waged on blogs and message boards. Or the fact there is going to be some cocky Caps fan that is gonna come to the Mellon, and we're going to posterize his ass.