Dear Mike Green, Stop. -Love , The Internet



What’s up Fans, I’ve been busy building my new website over the summer. I’m pretty excited to have this up and running now so you guys can get an inside scoop on my life. I will be blogging on here once a week, you can also follow me on my twitter page, check out the link. I will be putting up pictures and videos of different things I do and ill keep you posted on merchandise you will be able to buy once I get some custom stuff made up…. Cant wait until start of season here in couple weeks to a month and trust me its a good time to be a caps fan enjoy the site…….. peace

And with that, Capitals Defenseman Mike Green has taken up space on Al Gore's Internet.

Thats right, [GreenLife52.com] is alive and kicking.

And it is actually worse than you can imagine.

More after the jump, but in case you decide not to make it, this pic should do.




For the full effect:



In our humble opinion, the chain makes this picture one of the gayest pics of 2009.

More or less. This is what happens when no one tells you you're a fag. Where is the support system?


Now, overall the website is embarassing. But the bio page is full of goodies. [BIO]

Some highlights:

  • In the 2007-2008 season Mike emerged as an elite NHL defenseman.
Daffy Duck WTF?!


  • He gained the nickname Mike “Game over” Green
We thought he gained the nickname thanks to his wonderful defensive play in Game 7.

And to cap it all off.

  • In the off season Mike returns home to Calgary where he trains hard but also lives life to the fullest. He enjoys relaxing by the lake, cruising in his boat and hitting the odd wakeboard session. Living close to the mountains and lush forests, Mike takes advantage of the vast ATV and mountain biking trails. With Mikes Love for life and passion for the game we can only wait to see what “Greener” has in store for us.

Lets hope for all parties involved the word lush is never used again.

Insane as it is. This is actually the second gayest thing to happen to the Capitals this week so far.


A.O. got a tramp stamp.

Good times.



P.s. Green's blog has a cblog. just saying.