Deadline Recap

A couple of things before we take a dump on the rest of the NHL.
First, this from the PG:
"Although Versus will carry the game tonight nationally, it has depleted its exclusive game rights,
so the game will be shown locally on FSN Pittsburgh."
Also at that link, S.A. sheds some light on MAF's situation:

"Conversely, Fleury needed a couple of practices to regain his bearings after getting most of his workouts off the ice while with Team Canada. As the third-stringer behind older goalies Roberto Luongo and Martin Brodeur, Fleury did not play in any games, dressed as a backup for just one, and was not very active in practices."

Poni is no dice. Doesn't have a working visa for the U.S.
MAF is starting.
Finally, keep your eye on PUCK THE MEDIA today for two things.
One is something about the FSN ratings from the Buffalo game…
And the second has something to do with Bing posing "in the buff" for some ad.
We're catering to the female audience on this.
Male Penguins fans couldn't care less.
Meanwhile, males from Washington, Philly, and Detroit can't wait to talk about it.
Funny how that works out.  Homos.
After the jump, a poor attempt at some trading-deadline report cards.
If you don't think adding Kovy to the Devils has made them better, you're an idiot.
And they went and got Martin Skoula.
Because they needed some more help on the blue line.
And because Jacques Lemaire remembers his shit from Minnesota.
Scottie Walker will score some bullshit goal against the Pens in the playoffs.
But that's about it.
Eric BelangerRiiiight.
And then Joe Corvo?
Didn't he almost kill himself in an interview during the Pens series last year?

Anyone have the video from this interview?
It was after Game 3 of the Canes series.
The Sens picking up Andy Sutton can't be overlooked.
Sure, he's slow, but he's a big body on the blue line.
Sid and AO will see him down the line eventually.
Sabres picked up Raffi Torres.
Pens have done all right against the Sabres this year.
But as it stands right now, we wouldn't want them in the first round.
And that's pretty much all who we care about.
Other shit going down:
Hey, good job on TEAM USA, Ryan Whitney.
Now go play in Canada.
For an organization not used to wheeling and dealing, they're making some solid moves.
They picked up Jeff Halpern, who we still remember for scoring an OT goal in the 2001 playoffs.