Crosby Sucks and More


Now that the absolutely unthinkable has happened and the Penguins have gone over two games without scoring a goal, the Internet has exploded with “Crosby Sucks” comments and demands that the Penguins make a trade before everything falls apart.
It’s November.
But the reaction around the web is to be expected.
The world loves watching the Pittsburgh Penguins struggle, no matter how brief or unimportant the struggles may be.
Remember last year, when people were calling for the Penguins to trade Sidney Crosby?
Remember the glee around the Internet when the Pens sat out of a playoff spot in February?
Of course, now that the Penguins have lost a couple of games, the Crosby love comes out in the comments of almost every major hockey website.
A few of our favorites after the jump:
Clearly it’s time to panic.
Trade Crosby.
The Penguins only succeed by strategically tanking and drafting high anyway.
Maybe they can tank again and get a shot at Taylor Hall.
Or maybe Bettman can fix the draft lottery once more and ensure the Pens receive the first overall pick no matter how they finish this season.
Or maybe, just maybe, it’s November and the Pens still lead the Atlantic Division.
Slumps like this one are the reason the Pens worked so hard in the first month of the season.
They can ride this out.
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Sometimes you find interesting stuff on the Internet:
The full version is available here.
We have no idea what LoveLife.ch is, but their ads are Charlie approved.
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The Phoenix Coyotes want Chris Chellios.
It’s probably because Sidney Crosby is a terrible leader and no one wants to pay to see him play.
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An update on the Consol from Pens TV: