Crosby Is Definitely Hurting The Pens. PENS WIN

Branch Bourqdavidian = over

Thanks to everyone for sending this link in. We wouldn’t pay $1 to read anything on ESPN insider, but for those who missed it, they had some article about Crosby hurting the Pens. [ESPN]
Thankfully someone sent us the article. It is a bunch of stats and shit. It isn’t worth the time.
Since the article, Bing has like 90 goals. So suck it.
Now we just can’t wait for the new Crosby hat trick commercial. Maybe they’ll show how his first goal was offside./Bettman
Seriously though, how scary is it that Pens have had like no one, and they are like 18-9
How bad are the Rangers? Steve Valiquette turned in one of the worst goaltending efforts in the history of the Mellon arena. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently. 6’6 piles of shit could make bigger saves.
We also got a first hand reminder on how big of a waste Sean Avery is. Sometimes you forget when you don’t see him. His jumping of Tenk makes for an interesting game Monday night.
Hopefully he doesn’t fake going into cardiac arrest like the last time the Penguins beat his ass.
Also, Donald Brashear is a butt plug.
So umm yea, assuming Bourque is out Monday and even though the Pens always play like poop in MSG, we’re back in business.
Go Pens.
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