Cooke’s Suspension

Did the fact that the Pens and Rangers turn around and play each other again tonight factor into the decision to suspend Matt Cooke two games?    Probably not.  The fact that the game was a blowout alone means there's gonna be violent retribution in the air tonight at good old MSG.
Speaking of which, what the hell is going on with the Penguins schedule?  Here, guys, fly to Long Island and spend Thanksgiving away from family.  Okay, cool, now go back home to Pittsburgh for a game.  Now turn around and go back to New York.  So dumb.  Almost as dumb as murdering defenseless animals on a full stomach.
We have no clue what to feel about the Rangers.  We hate them, but they're the enigma of the Atlantic Division.  We hate the Flyers and their tits.  It's almost a sense of disappointment when we see the Devils on the schedule.  As weird as this sounds, it's true:  If the Islanders would win more games against the rest of the NHL, Pens/NYI may be one of the best ongoing rivalries.  But no.
So, what are we supposed to do about the Rangers?  Of course we hate them.  But it's like, meh, okay.  Looking back, the only reason that playoff series in '08 even mattered was because of Double J.
Regardless, Pens ain't winning tonight in MSG.