Cooke Not Suspended, Crosby Gear Found

It looks like regularly paying off Gary Bettman has once again helped the Penguins.
From TSN:

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been informed by the NHL that forward Matt Cooke will not be suspended for his hit on Boston's Marc Savard.

Savard suffered a grade-two concussion when Cooke levelled him with a shoulder to the head in open ice during a game on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

In explaining his decision, NHL senior vice president of hockey operations Colin Campbell said that the ruling was based on consistency involving similar incidents. Philadelphia's Mike Richards was not suspended for a similar hit on Florida's David Booth last October, so using that as precedent, Cooke was not suspended either.

Clearly, this is just another example in the long list of ways that the NHL favors the Penguins.
We figured we'd get that all out of the way before everyone else says the same thing.
The Penguins and Bruins meet in Boston on March 18th.
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On the "much ado about nothing" front, Sidney Crosby's Olympic gear has been found.

According to Hockey Canada director Scott Salmond, Crosby's equipment was misplaced, not stolen.

We still think it's more fun to blame Ovechkin.