Comeback Starts Tonight

Spring, 1991.
When we were in grade school we had this janitor.
He was your typical down-on-his-luck type of guy.
Everyone was pretty sure he lived in his van or in the basement of the school.
But "Tony" did what he had to do.
He cleaned up vomit, wiped up our crumbs at lunch, mopped the floor, etc.
One day during lunch, we were involved in a dispute over a delicious ice cream bar
that one of us bought in the cafeteria.
The details are sketchy now, but the short end of it was that we had an ice cream bar, and for some reason everyone thought it was theirs.
In the end, everyone pitched in like 10 cents or something. Whatever.
So after things elevated like only they could between second graders, the big-time lunch monitor stepped in and made a gutsy decision. She threw the ice cream bar away.  Terrible.
Enter "Tony" stage right.
He was notorius for picking the food right out of the trash compactor.
Looking back on it, the trash compactor was one of the most bizarre things of all time.
Tony grabbed the ice cream bar out of the trash and went to town.
Stunned.  No one could believe it.
As the bell rang for lunch to end,
everyone was just watching this overweight janitor destroy this ice cream bar.
As we walked past Tony, someone mustered up the balls to say,
"Hey, Tony you don't deserve that."
Tony, with ice cream dripping from his lip, stopped and looked at us.
"Don't matter if I don'ts deserve it," Tony said in his broken, bizarre speech.
"The ways I see it…I just ate your lunch."
At that moment, walking back to our classroom just floored,
everyone understood the meaning of playoff hockey.
And that's where we are right now. Caps don't deserve to be up 2-0.
But they still ate the Pens lunch.
Comeback starts tonight.
Proofreading hasn't started yet.
:: Let's just say the series goes to a possible fifth or seventh game and you were trying to buy tickets for a game in D.C.
Of course you wouldn't be able to get the lower price
because you don't have the "secret" password.
No clue what the password would be.
Now enjoy this photoshop.
Oh, that tricky BOUDREAU.
:: Rumors began Tuesday afternoon of a fail by the Pens student-rush text message thing. We're probably the only people who don't have the Pens text thing. How is that even possible.
Reader Christopher D breaks things down:
Do you guys get the Pens text message update?
Did you get Punk'd on the 'text back to win 4 tickets thing?
Here's what happened to me:
4:10 p.m. text from Pens that says:
1794th person to reply HAT TRICK to win 4 tix!
4: 12 p.m. after strategically waiting for 1793 people to write back first,
I text them back.
4:13 p.m. text from Pens that says: You have won tickets!
A representative will be contacting you shortly.
4:48 p.m. text from Pens that says: Due 2 prgrmng error, the results of 2days student rush txt alrt were invalid and unfortunately u didn't win the contest.
We apologize 4inconvenience.


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If there is a better blog right now than [PUCK HUFFERS] we haven't see it.
Unreal post [here]
And like we said in a previous post:
The password is BOUDREAU, in case you didn't get it.
Also from our a friendly mole inside the caps organization:
Spyblog 2.0. Not as funny as the last one but I thought you guys would get a kick out of it.

There was a meeting in the Craps front office the day after the Craig's List post. They actually mentioned you by name (funny joke here. They made sure to emphasize that it was "thepensblog" and not "pensblog." at first they thought it was pensblog until they checked out that joke's website. ha) and were very unhappy about there being a "traitor" in the front office. The whole "what's said here stays here" shtick.

This is something I couldn't confirm but there are rumors that the bragging Craig's List post and the tickets post were actually from somebody involved with the Caps. If I find out something more about this, I'll let you know. My spy couldn't confirm that specific link but the person is "very sure" that fake tickets were posted on Craig's List by members of the Caps' front office. My friend could confirm the story posted in cblog about Pens fans being hassled at Will Call windows. They're planning on pulling the same stunts for games 5 and 7.

Cool story from big time photoshopper Nate B.
A buddy of mine is studying abroad in Rome, Italy right now, and he got some Do It signs made and laminated and gave them to the owner of a Pittsburgh Bar to hang up.  The guy in the pictures is named Shawn and he loves your site, and the owner is the guy with him in the Pens SherseyIve heard of this bar before, one of the PGH news channels did a story on the owner becasue he just recently came to PGH for a Steelers game.  Inside his bar is decorated with all kinds of PGH stuff and stuff for the Pens, Steelers, and local colleges.  Anyways, i forwarded the whole email that my buddy sent me and i thought id pass it along to you guys…first China now Italy… tPB and Charlie representing across the world!  Enjoy and Lets Go Pens!
Some other pics:
Sam K. from Mt. Albert.
And Btrain with an unreal wall.
You can kiss the Coyotes goodbye pretty much.
They filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
According to this news release, Canadian Jim Balsillie has put in an offer to buy the team,
as long as he can move it. [CNW GROUP]
Everyone is going to be talking about the ending of the Ducks/Wings game late last night.

Hossa looked like he tied the game late for the Wings,
but the ref blew the whistle because he lost sight of the puck.
Hossa def made contact with the ref.
Note how Detroit players without letters on their jerseys can harass the ref
Sports report girl likes the Pens in her series preview:
Former Pen, Tomas Survoy at the IHWC.
Nicolas Cage stunt goes terribly wrong:
If something bad would have happened to Nicolas Cage, the blog would have shut down.
Go Pens