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From the Detroit Free Press

Author admonishes Sid the Kid — and Detroiters

During the Penguins' parade to celebrate their Stanley Cup championship over the Red Wings, captain Sidney Crosby said Pittsburgh — whose Steelers also won the Super Bowl — had earned the right to be called "city of champions."

Charles C. Avison, among others, takes issue with that statement.

And he has history on his side. History he has written himself.

Avison, an Alma native, is the author of "Detroit City of the Champions: The Story of the Most Important Season in Detroit Sports History."

His book chronicles the 1935-36 sports season, in which the Tigers, Lions and Red Wings won championships, and Joe Louis was crowned Male Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press after victories over former champion Max Baer and Primo Carnera.

So Avison couldn't believe his eyes when he read Crosby's quote in the Free Press.

"No one can take that title away from Detroit," Avison said. "I wasn't mad, I was more so irritated. Crosby, like many Detroiters, are ignorant to why we are called the City of Champions. The Penguins did a good job and had a great season, but city of champions they are not."

Essentially what is being said in that article is that once a nickname has been given to one thing, it can never be given to anything else.

Someone should tell Carl Lewis that Usain Bolt is walking around calling himself "The World's Fastest Man."
While you're at it, please alert the City of Edmonton.
Also, the people at Google should be warned that they are spitting in the face of the 1935-36 sports season.


As we all know, if something happened in the 1930s, it can never happen again.

It's almost as if the people of Detroit are bitter for some reason.


Steve Yzerman, Brian Leetch, Brett Hull and Luc Robitaille are going into the Hockey Hall of Fame.
Robitaille will likely announce that his part in "Sudden Death" was the highlight of his career.


The Winter Classic could see Philadelphia play Boston at Fenway Park.

"Several reports had named Washington as the leader in the clubhouse to take on the B’s on New Year’s Day, but multiple sources revealed to that there are concerns from NBC over television ratings with the Capitals – who are being pushed by the NHL to be the choice. NBC is instead campaigning for Philadelphia, according to one source, and the odds are improving by the day that the Flyers will be traveling to the Fens in January.

The lackluster playoff ratings for NBC during an opening round Stanley Cup playoffs matchup between Alexander Ovechkin and his Washington Capitals vs. the New York Rangers – the hockey team from the nation’s #1 TV market – is believed to at least be partly behind the network’s motives."



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