Christmas Sucked. PENS LOSE.

Some factoids about 1967:
Average Cost of new house: $14,250.00
Average Income per year: $7,300.00
Average Monthly Rent: $125.00
Gas per Gallon: 33 cents
Average Cost of a new car: $2,750.00
Movie Ticket: $1.25
Minimum wage: $1.40
And, yeah, it was the last time the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Cup.
These 1967 references are as lame as the Crosby whiner/diver stuff.
But we only see Toronto four times a season.
As for the game, shit.
You could say the Penguins were Turnover Central.
Or was it that the Leafs were Takeaway City?
Regardless, MAF was Sieveblog on goals 3 and 4. In his — what do you call it, oh, yeah — Stanley Cup Championship Parade speech at the podium last June, he said something along the lines of, “I let in some soft ones sometimes.”
But he stood on his head to even keep the Pens in the game. So really not his fault.
There’s absolutely no reason to get all bent out of shape about Ian White scoring some late goal.
It was a fun game to watch. Jason Blake sucks.
And why do people yell shit at games? The players can’t hear them. Nothing more annoying than some moron getting on Malkin’s case because he’s trying to make things happen in a 1-1 game and turns the puck over. Jesus Christ. Shut up.






mike b

One of FSN’s Tips to Win™ for this one was “Just shoot.”
They should’ve added “youself” to the end of it.
The teams trade chances early on. No big deal, except the Leafs’ chance goes in.
Egg Schenn and his black magic strikes from the point. 1-0.
What a downer.
Matt Cooke blocks Garnet Exelby’s shot and take off down the ice with Rupp.
The Toronto defenseman does his job and takes away the cross ice pass. Toskala gets sniped by Cooke. 1-1.
After that goal, Toronto decided to slow the game down. Way down.
Jason Blake gets a step on Candy to a loose puck.
Orpik eliminates him with a cross-check.
No clue why people boo the call.
But the Pens PK was textbook, as it has been for the most of the season.
After a while, Ian White’s mustache goes to the box for delay of game.
Guerin rips a huge shot that clangs off the post.
And continuing on our shit about morons at games, you had the usual “SHOOT” people on the PP.
Nothing you can do about it.
But then Sid gets the puck on the half-boards, and the same person says, “Okay, Sid, baby, set it up.”
Toronto killed off the penalty then got their own power play when “that bum, Malkin” took a penalty.
The Leafs score on the PP to make it 2-1 and happily close out a solid road period.

Somehow, the nine-year anniversary of that night didn’t receive a standing ovation at the game
when it was announced during a stoppage in play in the first period.
To start the second, the Maple Leafs treated the neutral zone like Tim Horton’s. They never left.
We somehow segue from that to Guerin getting a nice breakaway.
But Toskala experiences total recall and suddenly remembers how to play goal. Big save.
Underrated scene
Cooke was hitting everything that moved. Crosby and Malkin were flying.
But none of them could escape from the supermassive black hole of boring hockey Toronto was creating.
Pens didn’t get a shot in 20 years.
Staal gets a good opportunity on a wrap around. It seems to inspire the Pens to put the pressure on.
It leads to them drawing a hooking call.
The powerplay starts off slow, but it’s not long before Crosby has seen enough.
He outwaits Toskala in a showdown. 2-2.
Interesting decision to put Adams-Talbot-Godard on the ice after the big goal.
But that’s why we have a bloggers championship belt that we made up while Bylsma has a ring.
Jordan Staal has been a beast
Toronto sticks to their game plan. It’s smart hockey.
Can’t blame them. This is how you slow the Pens down.
Just take solace in the fact that it will never hold up in a seven-game series.
Malkin tries the Cam Ward Backhand Move on Toskala.
Bbut it only works against overrated goalies, not those already exposed as awful.
The Leafs charge into the Pens zone. Stempniak passes to Powder. Soff. 3-2.
Jason Blake is the reason God doesn’t talk to us anymore.
Blake acts like it took talent to score that.
The rest of the second period was ass.
That good, old climax feeling was on its way.
Pens work their balls off.
Malkin and Crosby on the ice for the whole period.
Disco was throwing random players out with them.
With under 3 minutes to play, it was Mike Rupp’s turn. Mike Rupp is the Situation.
He puts his stick on the ice and waits. 3-3. Twitter explosion.
Visions of overtime dance in your head.
Toronto hasn’t scored 4 on 4 all year. 1-9 in OT. Fleury is money in the shootout.
Unfortunately it’s still regulation. Ian White from downtown. 4-3.
You try to get to the exit before Fleury gets to the bench. GAME.
picture 24
  • Disco went for the kill shot by putting Malkin-Bing-The Situation out right after they scored. Love the move. Go for the kill. If the Pens were fighting to make the playoffs, no question he goes conserative. But they’re like 55-0. If it pays off it is cash, instead it backfired. But that happens from time to time.
  • Tough schedule ahead.