Chris Cooley Is Not Impressed By Sidney Crosby. Who Is Chris Cooley Again?

Ever since Crosby and Ovechkin got into a tussle on Sunday, everyone has jumped on the Job Sidney Crosby bandwagon, even meaningless tight ends in the NFL.
Everyone, meet Chris Cooley of the Washington Redskins.
Picture: Chris Cooley points at which man he will make out with next.
Googling him brings up pics like this as well as pics of his girlfriend that cheats on him.
Our crack commentors brought to light the fact that Cooley was once married, but he cheated on his wife with a Redskin cheerleader, and got that girl fired for doing such.  Role Model City.
You remember Chris Cooley don't you?  Maybe not, since his season is usually over by mid-November. But DEADSPIN was all over it a while back when he decided to show a picture of his penis on his own BLOG.  And not only does he have a blog, but he has an entire website devoted to himself.  Disturbing.
Heath Miller has a blog, too.  It's called FOUR YEARS, TWO RINGS.
Regardless, the main reason we had to Google him is because of one of his latest blog entries where he rails on Crosby while defending his new boyfriend, Alex Ovechkin.

Sidney Crosby is good at talking shit, Alex Ovechkin is good at hockey. I didn't realize this until yesterday when I thought that I was going to see two of the greats in the NHL. I saw one who is great and he was wearing a red jersey. The other one, I saw him cry like a 7 year old who got beat up by the school yard bully. Maybe he's mad that Ovechkin has 20 more goals than him. Or maybe because his team won't make the postseason.

We've never been Crosby defenders in the history of running this blog.  We've idly sat by while the Caps fans and their inferiority complex take the Bing/AO rivalry to the extreme.  Nobody in Pittsburgh really cares.  Pittsburgh fans are more interested in the Malkin/AO rivalry.  But when a no-name tight end from the NFL sees fit to say the Pens aren't making the playoffs, that's when we get involved.
At least Jeff Reed smiled for every picture that night we jobbed him.
Wait.  When you've actually made the postseason in the NFL, smiling becomes second nature.
That picture above is from a recent UFC MMA whatever.
Cooley continued in his blog to defend Ovechkin when people questioned why he was standoff-ish:

I know plenty of people thought that Ovi was a little too standoffish to the fans at the event but that isn't entirely true. I watched the guy smile for 100 plus pictures and sign just as many autographs. What's wrong with having a good time with some buddies, trying to focus on the game, and not be overly excited to gladhand the 6,000 in attendance?

That's cute.  Already defending him to the 8 people who read your blog, including the dude your girlfriend is banging behind your back.  What a joke.
Good friend Dr. Turk pointed this out.  Looks like the post was written by Cooley's coattail-riding brother, Tanner.  Having your brother run a blog about you is even worse.  He probably made him take that picture of his genitalia.  Unreal.
Oh, and Cooley made the postseason in 2005.  Played two games. Fumbled once.