Charlie’s Corner: No Homo


First off, I really enjoyed sharing e-mails with a bunch of you this week.

It is amazing seeing my face all around town.

If you’d ever like to chat or e-mail me stuff that hasn’t made it to Pensblog yet, or was never used by the guys because they are dicktouchers, feel free to email me.

And yes there is no “G” in there.
I would love to have a weekly MaleBag….
…segment each week where I answer questions.
After the jump, my first blogging enemy.
One of the most frustrating things on the Internet is when people don’t properly do their research. I have been a writer for the Pensblog for a long time. But yet people still challenge the boys on what they perceive to be anti-homosexual rhetoric.
The latest moron:  Ronnybrook
In his big post titled “Pensblog: A Wretched Hive of Homophobia,”
Stonybrook calls out us and even the Bloguin network.
I don’t know if PensBlog is a site run by some young dudes who have never worked in a corporate environment (where the HR department would most certainly swoop down on this type of thing and hand those involved their asses, along with their walking papers or a severe warning), or if PensBlog are just simpler folk from Western Pennsylvania who don’t understand it’s approaching the year 2010, and this stuff is going the way of the “n word” (as in, extinct from rational dialog) – but either way, the internet fag bashing that goes on at PensBlog is unacceptable.
I have a larger retort to this coming on the flip sde of the weekend,
but needless to say I shared an interesting exchange with Stonybrook.
How dumb is this guy not to e-mail me personally first?
Didn’t do his research.
Of course Stonybrook didn’t respond.
I’ve been forced to pen a quick memoirs of my life,
which details people like Ronnybrook who hate gay people.