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Champs for a Reason. PENS WIN.

Halloween is today. But Alex Goligoski dressed up a little early.
His costume: a Norris-caliber defenseman.
Down 3-1 with less than two minutes to play, and the Pens surging,
Al got a saucer pass from Bing.
Not only is it Goligoski's seventh straight game with a point, it's a big goal.
Last night was just another example of why the world champs are who they are.
Despite being up 3-1, Columbus slowly started to fade away.
In fact, the last 10:25 of the game, Columbus did not record a shot.
None of this would have been possible without the performance of goalie Brent Johnson.
He again kept the Pens afloat.
Pens are now 11-2. Getting 2 points in games like this means everything. Make a mental note of this one when the Pens are a point away from winning the division in April.
Pens play in like 4 minutes. And blog-wise, after a game like this,
we wish the Pens didn't play so soon.
We have to semi-hurry what should be epic.
Honestly, about 2 million people sent stuff in from all corners of Nationwide.
We ain't complaining in the least bit.
But upon trying to organize the credits for all of this, we vomited.
Right out of the gate, Cooke feeds the atmosphere with a big-time hit on Commodore.

The Pens eventually got the first PP.
No clue what the penalty looked like, FSN.
Chris Bourque got a shot on goal during the PP.
Then he takes a hooking penalty.
He makes us want to kill our family.

Nash was beast city on the BJ's power play.
Johnson was making some big saves. Huge toe save in there.
Dupuis had arguably the Pens' best scoring chance of the period on that PK.

Somewhere in there, Fedotenko had a shift that made him wish he had herpes.
He got annihilated twice. Then he just fell over on a later shift.

The Pens went to the box for high sticking.
No clue what the penalty looked like, FSN.

In a span of 5 seconds, Chris Conner became better than Chris Bourque.

He flies up the wing 200 mph and gets a shot on net.

Pens had a few nice breakouts and went to the net. Mason shoves Bing because Bing touched Mason Vaj. Lost alot of respect for Mason tonight.

Then the wheels started falling off.
It started when Orpik got tripped up by a skate. No call.
Then Orpik heads to the box.

Monster Nash puts one home. 1-0. Rick Nash is a down right machine. In the first two periods of games. woooo

Right after that, Tony Dorsett plows Orpik into Johnson.
Johnson pulls an Osgood, and the Pens buy a PP.

The BJ P.A. guy announces Nash's goal during the PP.
Coupled with some clown banging on the near glass, the Pens had no chance.


Early in the second, Conner sets up a couple plays.
Best Chris(sp) on the team.

It wasn't long before the BJ's got another goal.
Half of the Pens stopped playing a borderline offsides play that kept the BJ's offensive shit alive.
Nash was wide open to put one in from an angle that broke your protractor.


Later in the period, Bourque accidentally sets up Crosby in front.
Perry Mason said no dice. Errey goes on some rant about Mason's shoulderpads being too big.

Sounded like an excuse to us.

The Pens went to the box. Killed.

Kunitz gets tripped up when he looked like he was gonna be home free.
No call. Bizarre.
The Pens keep the play alive. Bing in front to the Koon.


Rick Nash flew into the net. Lazy play by him.
There we go. That's all the Pens needed to get going.
And then they got a power play. Beautiful. But a curious decsion to put Feds out on the point late, and play Chris Bourque leads to a 2-on-1 for the Jackets as the penalty expires.

Goal. 3-1. Poop.

At the end of the period, Conner's speed generates some more offense.
But the Pens head to the box to end the second.


Early in the third, Staal does the Rafalski move and draws a penalty.
The Pens eventual PP was poopblog.

FSN shows how the stick handoff works when a player breaks a stick.
Solid work.

At the other end, Brent Johnson was keeping the Pens in the hunt.
Just doing what he has to do.

Goligoski makes an unreal headman pass to Kunitz.
Cameras don't go too fast, but Kunitz gets a chance all alone. Save.
As that play continued, Bing went to the box. Shit.


Crosby got called for a slash. A few minutes before, Dupes had a scoring chance erased because of the same type of shit Bing got called for.
Just a little bit before this, Crosby had a little bit of a verbal sparring with Mason.
One day, people will learn not to piss Bing off.

After Columbus shit the bed, and there was still hope.
Pens get to work. Some made up line gets all kinds of stuff going.
Skoula misses the net on the a shot. Mason isn't even around. Fedotenko scored to make it 3-2.
Dude how pumped was Feds.
Columbus was screwed.
All of a sudden the Pens were on speed.
Before you could register everything, Gogo had the puck in the high slot.
What is RJ Umberger doing? If he lays down, maybe he gets a piece of the shot.
He also could have been killed if he would have blocked this shot. Terrible.
Wrist shot. 3-3. gklndklgfnjklafdngjklfdnghjldfnglakmd;lskfasd;
Here is the goal. Listen to the columbus broadcaster. Suicide

So many Pens fan.
The final minute was intense. The game slipped into OT. What a choke by Columbus.



The hockey played during the overtime, coupled with the atmosphere at Nationwide, is why we're all alive. Everyone standing. Had to be like 10,000 pens fans there.

The Pens get a 26-second PP at the end. Billy G and Legame can't get shots off.

Lost in everything is that Brent Johnson is a hero.
He starts off the shootout by stopping some guy.
Fail fail fail.
Here he comes…

Bing walks down, Mason forgets to stop the puck.

Just utterly retarded.

In the stands for the goal:

Now it was up Brent Johnson. A glove save was it.