Carcillo = Suspended Pee

Daniel Carcillo has been suspended for Game 2.
John Stevens has been fined $10,000.  LINK
Apparently, the NHL had a big-time meeting on Monday
telling coaches not to "send messages" at the end of decided games.

dying alive

After the jump, the call to arms has been answered.
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Plus a reporter fail from last night.
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Sean K., Ice Alchemist, tara, and adam bell answered the call:
Big-time reporter fail from Thursday:


We always try to stray from using "the big three" swear words on



begin with F, C, and C.
Charlie is all over the internet.  KDKA VIDEO.
Go to the third page — "Penguin Fans Gearing Up"
Watch to the end.


We were reminded of this great ditty from last year.

Go make a customized Pirates jersey.  LINK.

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