Carcillo = Pee

Every day of the playoffs is a big deal,
even when your team isn't playing.
News came along the wire Thursday that Daniel Carcillo
may be facing suspension for jobbing Talbot at the end of Game One.

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We need the fist pump at 4:35 of this video.
Just a 1.5-second clip of it would do.
Make sure the first frame is of the dude, not the action on the ice. :)

thanks to benjamin t. for finding the vid.
nothing else going on.
photo and youtube blog.
Pensblog reader and Canon-Mac alum Andy L. had this story to tell from New York:

I've been up in Manhattan since last friday for a business trip and was scrounging for a place to watch tonights game. So I went on this new thing everyone has been talking about called the World Wide Web and used this site called 'Google' (what a funny name) and searched for penguins bars in this town. I came across this 'MeetUp' site this dude made that basically was a social networking site for Pens fans and found out that a huge group of people get together for every game at a different bar every game. Everyone was meeting up at Folly's on 33rd so I decided I'd walk down and check it out…I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever felt as welcome by a group of strangers as they made me feel as soon as I stepped foot in that bar. There was 30 plus people in the back clad in their Pens attire (one guy had a Nedved jersey, one an Ulf Samuellson, one another had a Francis…) and they were enjoying the bars special of 5 Yuengling bottles for 15 bucks served in an ice bucket. Well with tables full of beer buckets they pulled up a chair for me and invited me to join in. I felt like I was watching the game at some bar on the Southside with my typical crew of friends. It was a pretty awesome feeling when we started chanting Lets Go Pens after every goal while the people in the front of the bar were trying to peacefully watch the Rangers take on the Caps. With 4 large flatscreen HDTVs showing the game and plenty of free beer it was a blessing in disguise. Most of them were formerly of the Burgh, some where adopted fans along the way.

Several of them already have tickets for the first game in Philly next week and are making the 2 hour drive down…they hate them just as much as we do here at home.
Go check out PENS UNIVERSE.
good shit.
THE CONFLUENCE is all systems go for the playoffs.
Solid read, made a Few Good Men reference.
Solid pic by PIETER L. from Game One.
Could be wallpaper city.
Click the pic.
go pens.