Whatever. PENS LOSE

Losing this game means nothing.
Sure it would have been nice to beat the Capitals, but who cares.
Pens got the points they needed to get out of this weekend.
Cap fans will come here and taunt us, but that is what they are about. They flex their muscles in February, but in mid-April they'll be applying the Heimlich so much they won't have time to type.
As for A.O. as good as he is, like Bob Grove said on the postgame show, he has absolutely no class.
And when Bob Grove says you don't have any class, you don't have any class.
The main sticking point of this game will not be the blood feud between A.O. and The Bing.

“What I can say about him?” Ovechkin said. “He is a good player, but he talks too much.”

“Like it or lump it, that’s what he does,” Crosby said. “Some people like it, some people don’t. Personally, I don’t like it.”

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picture 20
Game starts off with a fast pace.
Playoff city.
Finally the radio matches the TV broadcast. No Bedzo, Pierre Mcjoke and Doc today.
Satan-Malkin-Sykora go on a marathon shift. Dupuis gets tripped. Early powerplay on for the pens.
But nothing.
Ryan Whitney's whole life falls apart. And then he takes a penalty.
Come on man.
Caps set up shop.
What a deadly powerplay.
A.O. gets it. Top shelf. Wow.
Pens come storming back. Puck loose in front.
Whistle for no reason? Bizarre.
Mike Green almost scores, Pens get a good chance on the back end.
Back and forth we go.
Semin blows his load on someone.
Sykora almost buries a rebound early on.
After that Whitney falls apart again.
Staal takes a penalty.
Caps put three forwards out. Horrible decision.
Talbot gets a rebound.
Caps get on the powerplay after the 4-on-4. Semin with no one around.
Caps get another powerplay.
Look out.
Caps are everywhere.
Bing gets a little break, but nothing happens.
A.O. had him lined up, but let up. What have been a devasting and cheap hit. So pretty much a normal A.O. Play.
Caps contuine to dominate the powerplay, but Malkin shuts things now.
Donald Brashear is a tool, and takes a dumb penalty.
Another bizarre play by Ryan Whitney leads the to the powerplay unravelling.
picture 24
PG graphic department.
Not to much:
picture 21
Pens start off the the second with a powerplay.
All of sudden. Caps score.
3-1. Barfjob.
After that, some idiot takes a penalty for the Caps.
Big powerplay.
Nothing going on at all.
But then the Caps take our favorite penalty.
Don't look directly into that dudes eyes.
You'll be scared for days.
Gonch breaks his stick. And the Pens begin to fall apart.
But MAF makes a huge save.
Then Gonch takes over again.
Coming down the left side.
Wicked slap shot. 3-2.
Unreal. Jose Theodore sucks.
Staal gets away with a penalty, right after that Eaton makes a huge mistake giving it right to A.O.
But MAF makes another big save.
Things kind of go blank for a little bit.
A couple of icings.
Cookie ends Mike Green. But the Caps storm back.
A.O. with a wrist shot, some joke puts it in. Ref doesn't even know whats going on.
MAF's life falls apart.
No clue.
5-2. Garon comes in.
A.O mauls Gonch.
Garon keeps the Pens hanging around, but whatev. Pens just look a little out of gas. And the Caps look full of life.
Tough time.
NBC is really behind in the game, as they miss another faceoff. Jokes.
Orpik and Semin gets penalties after Semin tries to make out with Orpik.
Bing and A.O go at it late in the period. Whatev.
Garon made some big saves, but a three goal lead might be to much.
picture 24
That shirt says, "Mrs. Semin."
Wish we were kidding on that.
Thanks to [Jessica D.]
That is spelled wrong.
Thanks to [Micheal J.] for those three.
picture 22
Pens come out with the Mega powers.
But the Caps meet the task.A.O. is nuts. After almost scoring again.
He charges Orpik.  A lot of action but meh.
Father time is the in the building.
Things start to get ugly.
The talentless Donald Brashear gets some free candy.
Brashear then punches Orpik, no call.
Then Poti elbows Orpik in the face. Terrible penalty.
Pens get a powerplay. Nothing going on. Whitney misses a shot.
Gonchar meanwhile keeps every puck in, but the Pens can't capitalize.
NBC misses another faceoff.
A.O. practices some passing, so can dish it off like he did last year in Game 7.
Who even cares about the rest of the game.
  • Caps aren't getting out of the second round.
  • Big week ahead.
  • Must win against the islanders.
  • HCMT photoshop expo tonight.
  • not spellchecked.  nobody cares
Go Pens