Caps Eulogy, Ted’s (Revisionist) Take, Habs, Etc.

Speaking of the Caps, owner Ted Leonsis posted a new blog entry today.
In it he thanks the fans and says that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
He also desperately tries to backtrack on some of his earlier comments.
This was in today's post:
Of course, that's the complete opposite of what he wrote back in February:
Say what you want about Ted Leonsis, but he understands the Internet.  Or he should.
He should know, perhaps better than anybody, that what you write online echoes in eternity.
Writing a post in February about your team's success isn't smart.
Pretending months later that you actually believed the complete opposite all along is even worse.
But enough about the Caps.
The second round of the playoffs starts tonight.
The Habs roll into the Igloo tomorrow.
It's time to get our minds right.
picture 7
NBC is allowing the big screen outside Mellon Arena during the second round.
How gracious of them.
Habs fans were chanting "We Want Crosby" after last night's game.
Unless they mean that they want him on their team we don't understand their logic.
Someone get some Flyers fans on the phone and ask them how taunting Sid turned out for them.
Henrik Sedin, Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin are nominated for the Hart Trophy.
Natalie updated her playoff wallpaper:
Click here for the full version.
picture 7
Check out Jeremy's goalie mask:
picture 7
The second round begins.
9PM/ET on Versus.
Go Pens.